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NOTE: A lot of the same artists get nominated every week for song, CD, artist, etc. But if they have been featured in all or most of the same categories within the last few months, we will not spotlight them again unless they have something new going on. If you don't see your nomination posted within a month, chances are it has already been featured in previous weeks.

*This week's O-Town Related Website spotlight:

  • Hidden Project
    Submitted By: Lisa
    Submitter's Message: The official site of Trevor Penick's new group "Hidden Project" is run by Aja a great admin. This site has great design which makes it very organized and includes a bunch of info on Joel, Collin, Eric, Trevor, and Michael the five guys that make up the group "Hidden Project." Since Hidden Project is new to the music scene it's great that the site includes five music clips of their songs so new fans can get the feel of Hidden Project's vibe. So I would go check out the site, send Aja some feedback, and start promoting the boys of Hidden Project!


    *This week's O-Town Community spotlight:
    This is for clubs, groups, message boards, anything that involves a large amount of people discussing and supporting O-Town.

  • Miller Family Connection
    Message: Miller Family Connection is the first group for Dan and the rest of the Miller family and it is still an active group till this day! Dan's family members have been involved with the group by posting messages. This group includes a variety of pictures and info.


    *This week's CD spotlight:

  • "Chariot" by: Gavin Degraw
    Gavin Degraw is a very well known 26 year old singer, songwriter, pianist, and guitarist. He has been in the spotlight among Manhattan's downtown music scene. He has a gently raspy emotive voice that makes every song on his album worth listening too. His cd "Chariot" is among my favorites and features his hit song "I Don't Want to Be." If you are a fan of Maroon5 I think you will soon be a fan of Gavin because their music consists of the same vibe. Gavin will be on the road this summer so if he's in a town near you I would def check him out.


    *This week's single spotlight:

  • "On The Way Down" by: Ryan Cabrera
    This 20 year old Dallas, Texas native has been signed to Atlantic Records and his single "On The Way Down" is ready to hit your radio station. His album will hit stores this summer and you can catch Ryan on tour this summer with Jessica Simpson. He brings a fresh sound to the rock scene and thru the past years he has continued to boast an impressive touring schedule. To hear some tracks from Ryan's up in coming cd check out his website


    *This week's group spotlight:

  • Beastie Boys
    The boys of New York never know when to stop. The Beastie Boys have been teaching kids about what NYC is all about since 1986. Nowadays hip-hop/rap offers a lot of fresh new sounds but to this day the Beastie Boys still know how to keep it real with their old school vibe. Their recent release cd "To the 5 Boroughs" (FYI: New York City is made up of five Boroughs: the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island) offers the new hit single "Ch-Check It Out." I see this song as being this summer's anthem.


    *This week's Solo Musical Artist spotlight:

  • Ashlee Simpson
    Her debut single "Pieces of Me," is a catchy melodic guitar riff, rocky pop kind of song. You can catch Ashlee's video for her first single on MTV/MTV HITS at all hours of the day. Her first single is also getting a lot of attention on various radio stations and you can catch Ashlee on her new reality show "The Ashlee Simpson Show," that airs on MTV on Wednesday nights. Since I first saw her perform on The Tonight Show I became a fan and I can't stop listening to "Pieces of Me." Go check out her official site


    *This week's Music Video spotlight:

  • "The Anthem" by: Good Charlotte
    Good Charlotte or as I like to say 'GC' knows how to keep it real and thats's exactly what they are doing in their follow up video to their hit "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.". This video is all about partying with their friends and chillen with their dogs by their hot cars. The video might not seem like anythng new but all GC is doing is showing who they really are. Good Charlotte is one of my fave bands that really know how to rock out but if you only know them as the twins (Benji and Joel) you got it all wrong if it wasn't for Billy and Paul there would be no GC!


    *This week's Movie spotlight:

  • Biker Boyz - RATED PG-13
    In theatres Now
    “Biker Boyz” is an contemporary Western on wheels with desperados who live every day on the edge. Lawyers and city workers by day, they take to the streets in their leathers to race by night. In the world of underground motorcycle clubs, the undefeated racer known as Smoke (Laurence Fishburne) is the undisputed “King of Cali.” But Smoke’s dominance of the set is about to be threatened by a young motorcycle racing prodigy called Kid (Derek Luke), who is determined to win Smoke’s helmet and earn the coveted title. (From Yahoo Movies)


    The following are a few sites/clubs/artists that have been nominated so much by the fans of this site that we decided to make a hall of fame! Some of you nominate a lot of the same things every week so we will just put those things here because they are so popular and have been featured on our site before!



    -Avril Lavigne
    -Sum 41
    -Craig David
    -Linkin Park
    -John Mayer

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