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O2 album:
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Please don't take without permission!!!
From The Damage
These Are The Days
I Only Dance With You
Favorite Girl
I Showed Her
Been Around The World
Make Her Say
The Joint
Over Easy
Girl Like That
You Can't Lose Me

O-Town album:
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Liquid Dreams
Every 6 Seconds
Sexiest Woman Alive
Love Should be a Crime
Shy Girl
All or Nothing
The Painter
Take Me Under
All For Love
Baby I Would

Longshot Soundtrack:
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See You Again

Dr. Dolittle 2 Soundtrack:
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We Fit Together

Pokemon 2000 Soundtrack:
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One Heart
Comin' to the Rescue

"Making the Band":
American Game
Meant For You
I Do
I Know
All She Wrote
Say, Say
Shelli's Song