Petitions are a good way to get fans involve to show how dedicated we are to O-Town. Petitions start off to show how many people agree to a certain thing they are trying to start up such as getting Making the Band shown in Canada (although the show has already been cancelled), trying to get the guys to tour in a certain city, trying to get their songs on the radio, etc. This page will have any petitions you may have so that everyone can help out and add their name to it. Even if the petition does not affect you, please be kind enough to show your support. This page is also for any projects that you are starting and you want other fans to get involved. If you are thinking of starting a fan book or something like that and you need fan support, you can also submit your project link and info in the form below.

To submit a petition or project, just fill out the Form below. We will not be posting anymore "Get MTB back on TV" petitions because the show is cancelled no matter how many petitions are out there.

几iana - Jacob and Janie project
"There is huge project in the works supporting Jacob and Janie, thier marriage, engagement and basically their relationship. We would deeply appreciate it if you could get involved and post this in your groups. Thank You. We need all the participation we can get and this project has to be huge. Please support them and help let them know how much the fans love them and support what life changing desicion they are making. Thank You and please help out! If you have any questions you can write an email to or myself! Thank you your support is appreciated!"

丫Perience O-Town - O-Town Media Blitz Project
This group is trying to get O-Town on covers of magazines and on some TV shows. They are into promoting O-Town in anyway they can and trying to use the media to accomplish this goal. Please check out their sites for more info!

九lizabeth ( - Ashley's 21st Birthday Project

"Yes, I know most of you don't believe how fast time goes by but it's almost been a year since Ashley's 20th Birthday. To celebrate his 21st birthday on August 1st, LPCG has decided to make a scrapbook. So please help and show your support for Ashley by sending in something. You can include Happy Birthday Messages, Letters, Stories, Encounters you've had with Ashley or O-Town, Pictures, and basically anything you can think of. I will be giving this to Ashley the next time I see him. I can assure you 100% that Ashley will receive this book. So send in whatever you can and e-mail it to"

乙ngel (
- Stop "Making The Band Part 2"
"I got news from Dreams Come True that they have a petition for people who don't want there to be a Making the Band Hip-Hop version." -This new series will be a part 2 version of the original Making the Band series created by the original creators of MTB and The Real World but will have a hip-hop twist to it.

三iffani H. - "O-Town on the Radio"
"Please you guys!! Sign this petition, the Hot 107.9 DJ's are SOOOOOOOO cocky everytime I ask them to play O-Town!! I need your help!!"

又ophia - "Please let O-Town tour the UK!!
"I am fowading this petition for any member of this site who lives in the UK and wants O-town to tour here!!! Please sign the petition! We love the guys!"

几eni - "Saving MTB"
"I am trying to get MTB back! Although I do know that others are doing the same thing, I am going to put in an effort also. I only have 7 signatures, so it would be a big help for anyone to sign! Thanks."

又amantha - Respect O-Town and Their Fans
"This petition is being sent to the San Francisco Bay Area radio station Z95.7 who NEVER EVER play O-Town's music. We are trying to get them to add the new single "I Showed Her" to their playlist when it is released. All your help is greatly appreciated. Thank You!"

入en - "Save MTB"

又arah - "Let Canadian's Watch Season 3 of MTB!"
This petition is being sent to several stations that us Canadians get like YTV, Much Music or ABC. It is aiming to put season three of Making the Band on a Canadian airing station. I would really love to get anouph signatures to send it so Canadian fans, sign and spread the word and if your American we would love for you to help us out cuz you guys know we would for you! Thanx a bunch!

七hristina Angel - "Get Making the Band in the North"
This is for all the MTB fans that live in Canada or any other place that doesn't have the privledge of watching making the band.

八athleen - "Save Making the Band"
Please save MTB...this is how we watched the guys grow up!! Sign the petition!!!

入essica - "Hear Jacob Underwood"

丁ETH -
We are trying to ensure that American Game has a spot on O-Town's upcoming album. After watching the season finale of Making the Band, I fell in love with American Game and my respect for Clive Davis began to fade. I truly feel that if American Game is not only placed on their sophomore album but released as a single, their whole career would skyrocket. Plus I personally think that they could no longer be considered a boyband (I hate that word). By writing letters to Clive Davis (head of J Records) we hope to get American Game on O-Town's sophomore album! So please join with me in supporting American Game! Thank you so much!
Support American Game Staff

For more information as to how you can help please visit

support american game

Have you started a petition/project or know of one you want to see posted here? Send us the info! Thanks so much in advance!

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