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UPDATED December 29, 2002

This news was provided by CaruHannah. Thanks!

*These are the days has been going up and down the video chart on mtv hits (sky digital channel 441) last time i checked it was #5.

*The video has also been added to "The Box" (channel 449) selection #131.

*The Single will be released on February 3rd accross the UK

*Here is the official blurb on These Are The Days:

Multi-platinum group O-Town is back and poised for the next level with their second album, O-Town2. The band couldn't be more ready to show their talents separate from "Making the Band", the reality show that first introduced and united O-Towns members. Their new reign kicked off last week (September 30) when their first single, a rock/pop smash "These Are The Days", was the fourth most added record to US Top 40 radio, gracing the playlists of over 60 stations nationwide. In only two days the track received over 230,000 audio hits on AOLs home page earlier last week. "These Are The Days" gives an exciting glimpse at the bands new direction.

The following news tidbits is from: Chris (knoxy04)
O2 has yet to enter the top 75 in the UK yet, however this is down to no promotional work done. Thankfully the guys made there first UK tv appearance in a while on T4's Popworld and it looks like these are th days will be released soon also! In the interview Ashley spoke of being single, Jacob of being married and his monkey(ain't he great?), Dan smiled, Trevor laughed and claimed he had the best personality and Erik just ate pancakes! I'll keep u informed with dates of releases but the albumn is out so tell people to buy it in the UK!

UPDATED November 1, 2002


Thank you to Celine for the following UK info

The new O-Town cd will be released in the UK on November 11th and will be called "O-Town 2." O-Town is unable to call their second cd "O2" in the United Kingdom because the UK has a telecommunications company calle 'O2'.

BMG GERMANY "THESE ARE THE DAYS" PRESS RELEASE AND TRACK LISTING - by Laura Watson BMG Germany's central site and the official German website for O-Town - www.o-townmusic.de - both report that the CD single of These Are The Days will be an enhanced CD featuring the video for the single together with 2 added tracks - "American Game" and "Girl Like That."

The German-language press release from BMG Germany, together with a track listing for the CD single can be found here: www.bmg.de/bp/productdeta..._Nr=227884

A translation of the press release follows:

The following translation is intended solely for the purpose of allowing O-Town fans without German language skills to read and enjoy information concerning O-Town which appears in Germany and should not be seen as speaking directly on behalf of BMG Germany. If reproduced, reposted or shared with others, it must be posted in its original format with no variations, complete with the disclaimer as originally written and credited to Laura Watson and Inside O-Town.

O-Town - These Are The Days
Released November 18, 2002

O-Town is back! 7 months after their last single comes the first single from the new album: "These Are The Days." The song is definitely rockier, hipper and cooler than anything that's gone before it. After performances on VIVA and MTV, fans have already delivered their opinion: the new single will be a sensation!BR>

Those who wish to purchase the German edition of the CD single that includes "These Are The Days" (radio edit and album version), “American Game,” “Girl Like That” and the “These Are The Days” video can order it at www.amazon.de:

- go to www.o-townmusic.de

- go to the "music" section of the site

- click on "singles" to be taken through to a screen that will show you the track listing for "These Are The Days"

- underneath the picture of the CD cover, you will see something that says "Single kaufen bei" and underneath that the amazon.de logo

- click on the amazon.de logo to be taken straight through to the listings page for the "These Are The Days" single on www.amazon.de

- should that not work, the direct link to the CD on amazon should be here: www.amazon.de/exec/obidos...47-7012558

Additional instructions in English can be found in this message at Inside O-Town's online community: pub175.ezboard.com/finsideotownfrm20.showMessage?topicID=895.topic

MTV Germany's website - www.mtv.de - reports that the video for "These Are The Days" will be part of this week's "brand:neu" programme, airing on Saturday November 2.

BMG Germany's TV tips section for O-Town www.bmg.de/bp/tvtourlist.do?Interpret_Nr=227884&de.bmg.backpage.tvtour=de.bmg.backpage.tv reports that O-Town will be featured on a VIVA Interaktiv special on November 23 and 24.

The Dome's web site http://thedome.rtl2.de/dome/dome_24/lineup/ confirms that O-Town is in line-up for The Dome 24 that will be held on November 30 in Dortmund, Germany. The concert will air on RTL II on December 8. More details will follow in upcoming bulletins.

Copyright 2002 of Inside O-Town. The information contained in the IO news report may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or otherwise distributed without the prior written authority of Inside O-Town. Please submit inquiries regarding the Inside O-Town Broadcast Network or subscription requests to insideotown@hotmail.com.

UPDATED September 4, 2002

It has been announced that MTB season 3 will be shown on Trouble TV starting on the 21st of September. Check your local guide for times and channel number. Thanks Siobhan!

UPDATED July 31, 2002

Thanks Nikita (Ashsno1Angel) for this news:
It has been confirmed that O-Town will return to the UK in Mid August to do some Pre-single release promotion. The single will be released in the UK on September 16th!

UPDATED July 7, 2002


Thank you to Rob (webmaster@o-town-worldwide.com) for the following info

(performance w/brandnew single + interview)
-July 23: Germany Premiere of MTB Season 3
-August 16: VIVA Comet (Awardsshow similar to VMAs)

-July 7: Bonn (Museumsplatz)
-July 10: Gütersloh (Stadthalle)

UPDATED May 4, 2002


Thank you to Corinna for the following info

O-Town will be coming to Germany for 5 concerts in July. It's something like a summerfestival-tour organized by a local radio station called "Antenne Bayern". There will be also some other artists appearing, for example Joe Cocker and Vanessa Amorosi. The dates for these summerfestivals are:

07/08/02 neu ulm
07/09/02 mainfrankenpark bei würzburg
07/11/02 hof
07/12/02 deggendorf
07/13/02 ingolstadt

UPDATED April 27, 2002


Thank you to www.o-town-house.de.vu and Bravo.de for the following info

"Now the official German Release date is known to us. It's going to be July 22nd 2002. Still unknown is the name of the second Album an its Release date in the USA. Altough nobody has said it's true, most people tinhk it'll be the 9th of July. One thing that's sure again is the German Release of the Single: July 8th will be the date to play truant and go to the music store. But again unknown is what will be on the next Single. Nobody knows if it will be "I Showed Her" (an o-town-like ballade that will be send to US Radiostations on May 6th) or if it will be the Nelly-Combo, or even anything different."

"Also some news about the Tourdates are available. Although some of the Dates of O-Town's US Tour are crossing those of a German summer festival, the management said that they will be part of this little Germany Tour. Another date, the VIVA Comet at Cologne, isn't officially confirmed but like bravo sais: probable."

"The most interesting thing for German Fans is, altough written in the last two sentences, that MTV Germany is going to show the 3rd Season of Making the Band beginning on July 23rd."

"So this will be a hot summer, especially for O-Town fans."

UPDATED March 31, 2002


Thank you to O-Town Up-2-Dates for the following info

EXCLUSIVE - O-Town German Tour Dates
July 8, 2002 Neu Ulm
July 9, 2002 Würzburg, Dettelbach
July 11, 2002 Hof
July 12, 2002 Deggendorf
July 13, 2002 Ingolstadt

UPDATED March 29, 2002

Here is an email we got from Elaine who is from Montrose, Scotland. We do not know the original source but this info answers a few questions some of you might have had.

The reason why Love Should be A Crime was realsed over in the UK and Europe was because the UK fans began e-mailing BMG (the record company O-Town are signed to) and posting endless threads on the www.o-townmusic.co.uk (the offical UK website) message board to make them release LSBAC as a single because they liked the single so much. It also helped them promote their UK tour. The single was a flop though because it only got to 38 in the top 40 singles. This was due to lack of promotion and the fact that the video was released 2 days before the single came out and radio stations NEVER got a copy of the single.

UPDATED March 24, 2002


Thank you Mark for the following info

EXCLUSIVE - O-Town Limited Edition CD
O-Town are re-releasing their debut album "O-Town" in honor of their successful Germany/European Spring Tour 2002. "O-Town: A Special Fan Edition" is being released on Monday, March 25, 2002 and will have extra live tracks as well as an in-depth enhanced version featuring several videos and will be available only in Germany. The cover is brand new and you could click the picture on the right to view a larger version. The track listing is tentative and was still being changed. This is the current track listing:

1.Liquid Dreams
2.Every Six Seconds
4.Sexiest Woman Alive
5.Love Should Be A Crime
6.Shy Girl
7.All Or Nothing
9.The Painter
10.Take Me Under
11.All For Love
12.Baby I Would
13.We Fit Together
14.Love Should Be A Crime
15.For The Love Of Money
16.It's All About The Benjamins
17.Mo' Money, Mo' Problems

UPDATED March 7, 2002


Aukje (xxsupergirlyxx) had this to share with us!
O-Town will be on @ Cindy's, a show here in the Netherlands. It will be shown tomorrow (sat 9th March ) at 9:40 am and 2:00pm (9:40/14:00) on Yorin in @ Cindy's!!There's also a interview with the guys in the Dutch mag: Break Out! It's really funny! Thanks Aukje!

UPDATED March 1, 2002

You can now see O-town's video for 'Love should be a crime' in the UK on The Box and Smash hits no. 640. Thanks Amirah (amirah34)!
These are the latest TV dates in Germany. Thanks to Deni.
1 - SAT 1 Kleine ganz Groß
3 - Pro 7 Absolut Schlegl
7 - RTL Echo
9 - MTV2 The Dome
10 - RTL 2 The Dome
23 - RTL Bravo Super Show
24 - RTL 2 The Dome

7 - RTL 2 Bravo Super Show
27 - VIVA Bravo Super Show
28 - VIVA Bravo Super Show

5 - RTL 2 Bravo Super Show
Check local listings for time and channel number

(The dates below were previously posted here and serve as an additional reminder.)

March 8 - "The Dome" MTV and MTVPop
March 10 - "the Dome" RTL2
March 16- Top of the pops RTL
March 23 - "Bravo Supershow" RTL
April 7 - "Bravo Supershow" RTL
April 21 - "Bravo Supershow" RTL
Check local listings for time and channel number

UPDATED February 25, 2002

Asia wants O-Town!! There is a petition to get Making the band aired in Asia. Currently, only Singapore fans have seen the show and others would like to see it shown in other Asian countries as well. The petition will be sent to various TV stations including MTV Asia. Thanks Melissa (melodee663)! http://www.petitiononline.com/MTBasia/petition.html

UPDATED February 17, 2002

Today's overseas news was provided by diana_pereira1987.
On February 28, O-Town will be on Select MTV! Then, they gave an interview for "Bayern 3" (A german radio station). The question was "How do you guys stay fit" Dan said: "We actually stay fit by being almost everyday on stage! some of us do fitness training but most of us eat quite crappy."
More TV-Appearances:
March 8 - "The Dome" MTV and MTVPop
March 10 - "the Dome" RTL2
March 16- Top of the pops RTL
March 23 - "Bravo Supershow" RTL
April 7 - "Bravo Supershow" RTL
April 21 - "Bravo Supershow" RTL
Check local listings for time and channel number

UPDATED February 14, 2002

Today's overseas news was provided by Maja.
This is a site for the German magazine, YAM. She also has said that there is a big poster of Dan in the current issue.

Hhere are some news about O-Town on German TV:
They are going to be at a show called 'Bravo TV' on Sunday, 17th of February. There'll be a live special. The Bravo TV-Team went with the guys on tour for 48 hrs.

UPDATED February 5, 2002

Today's overseas news was provided by All For Jacob


Love Should Be A Crime - released February 11th!

Hot from their recent sell-out UK Tour, the awesome O-Town are releasing the most gutsy, guitar-powered pop single Love Should Be A Crime on 11th February 2002! Their colossal success owes much to the triumph of the TV series which documented their rise to fame, next month, we will be able to witness first hand what Ashley, Jacob, Erik, Dan, and Trevor do best: polished, power-charged pop. But that's not all, as the guys say themselves, their colossal success also owes much to YOU, the fans!

Over this last year, O-Town's passion, talent and drive has successfully proved the fans right and the critics wrong. Those of you that caught them LIVE in the UK know just how talented this group is!

Love Should Be A Crime is driven by jangling guitar riffs and rocking drums and shows yet another musical side to O-Town. Their ability to effortlessly switch musical styles as demonstrated in this latest offering is, without doubt, what sets O-Town apart from the others.

LIVE IN NY - released February 18th!

Our big cheeses here took great notices at your protests for the 'O-Town Live From New York' DVD and VHS to be released here in the good old UK. And - HEY PRESTO- they have gone and done it! Yes, O-Town Live From New York will be released here in the UK on UK formats (DVD and VHS) on 18th February 2002!

O-Town - Live From New York was captured on the last night of their cold out summer tour at New York City's Hammerstein Ballroom show on October 10th. The DVD features an hour long concert containing 12 O-Town songs including the fabulous eye popping Liquid Dreams, the heart-rending power ballad All Or Nothing, the searing We Fit Together plus the infamous Baby I Would, Sensitive, Sexiest Woman Alive, Painter, Shy Girl, Love Should Be A Crime and Every Six Seconds. There is also a very special, surprise version, of Girl, comprising of a special medley featuring For The Love Of Money and Puffy Coombs It's All About The Benjamin's and Mo Money, Mo Problems.

The DVD also contains the smash videos to Liquid Dreams, All Or Nothing and We Fit Together plus interactive bios for each band member, song lyrics, exclusive photos and much, much more! It's SO unmissable it hurts!

UPDATED February 1, 2002

Correction on a TV date. The BMG Greman site made a mistake about the INTERAKTIV show on VIVA. It is on February 6, NOT March. Thanks Deni!


O-Town concert is cancelled:
Danish BMG reported on January 29 that O-Town concert which would be taking place on February 3rd in Vega, Store Sal. in Copenhagen was cancelled. It was because O-Town was offered to be appeared on German channel and the manager couldn't refuse it. The boys felt sorry to have to cancel the concert and disappoint their fans here. But they're going to put off the concert and find a new date for it. The new date will be annouced soon on the danish O-Town site, )www.o-town.dk

Making The Band:
The danish O-Town fans can catch the first episode of Making The Band at 03.40pm everyday on DR1
THANKS to Tess for this info!


From: Amy - eriks_xangelx
"Hiya, just to say at the concert O-Town sang a song they'd just written for their new album called 'American Game' - its fantastic! Very rockish, but so cool!!
O-TFP Team: Ohhh we can't wait to hear that!!

Quick note/comment from Katy:
"I just wanted to say how amazing O-Town were in London on Sunday night. They were incredible! The crowd was deafening, we were all screaming soooooooo much! It was sold out too! Can you please say how much the UK loves them cause everyone who I've spoken too that went said it was the best concert they've ever been to. The guys are all sooooooooooo HOTT & unbelieveably talented! It was the best night of my life! & I met Mike Cronin!!!
O-TFP Team: Glad you had a good time and we are glad to see that the guys are popular all over the world!

UPDATED January 25, 2002

Today's overseas news was provided by Deni (TVGirl).

You can win meet n greet passes for the Spring O-TOWN tour in Germany. For more information you can go to www.yam.de or e-mail them at verlosung@yam.de with the answer of the question "What's the name of the first O-TOWN single?". Good Luck!

Smash Hits has recognized just how talented our fivesome are! They have been nominated for the following catagories in the UK Smash Hits Awards 2001!


27.01.2002 - RTL 2 - Bravo TV
03.02.2002 - RTL - Millionär gesucht
06.02.2002 - VIVA - Interaktiv
01.03.2002 - SAT 1 - Kleine ganz Groß
07.03.2002 - RTL - Gute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten


19th: SMTV (ITV) - Interview and performance
21st: MTV Text Conference (MTV) - Live guests

February 4th: Popworld (Channel 4) - Interview and video showing
10th: T4 (Channel 4) - Interview and performance
12th: Pepsi Chart Show (Channel 5) - Performance

This were posted on the UK message board of their official UK site.

Dan: hey hey hey, wuz up guys this is Dan. We are definitely enjoying our stay in London so far and you guys have made us feel very welcome as always. Today we're doing a bunch of interviews and the Pepsi Chart tv show. From what Lady M tells us....you guys sent so many emails to the message board that you made it crash yesterday....so again thank you for all the support. Love ya'll....Dan

Ash: DEAR RESIDENTS, First of all, we are so AMPED to finally be touring here in Europe!!! At last, we will be in concert in a town near you so BE ON THE LOOKOUT DARLINGS!!! I need everyones help on perfecting my accent....I want to convince people in AMERICA that I am totally EUROPEAN.....I need a private tutor Our stage show is going to be almost an hour and a half (our songs plus some cover songs you'll recognize) and we are packing the house so hurry and get your tix....we love you....can't wait to see you all in the audience......Love Ashley

Erik: Can't begin to tell u how excited I am to be here to see all of our UK fans again! I wish I could live here - I just love it here!!! I'm not going to talk too long but I just wanna say thank you for being you and being so supportive of the thing that brings us all together - our music. You guys are truly precious to us and you're definitely one of our priorities. The guys and myself are constantly in heavy debate on whether or not you're gonna like our new material, but we're sure that you'll find it just as fun as the last album - or , most likely, even MORE! We're putting a lot of our thoughts and emotions into the next record. We wanna make u dance, we wanna make u cry but we also wanna make u think! Okay- I am beginning to ramble - so I'll log off now.. Love Erik

UPDATED January 22, 2002

Today's overseas news was provided by Deni (TVGirl).

-January 27: the popular youth TV show BRAVO TV (airing on RTL2) is going to show a report dedicated to O-TOWN
ARTICLES from BRAVO Magazine
(The english may not be too well due to translation)
*** Ashley: My good intention for 2002: I want to sleep more and appear punctually to my appointments.

*** SMS Inerview:
- Hey, Ashley, you have well goten some days off for New Year's Eve?
- Well obviously. It was magnificent. We had a a little free time and all were at home to celebrate with our families and friends.

- Erik, is it good to be home again after all the touring?
- Somehow already, because it is so quiet suddenly. In the beginning it was brilliant. I have written songs. But finally I couldn't wait for it hardly, with the boys to tour again.

- A new year has begun. Is there something which you fear, Dan and Jacob?
- Dan: I don't actually fear anything, except death.
Jacob: I fear not to do justice to the demands, that are put on us. Everything has started so well. Failing now would be an absolute nightmare!
- Trevor, you also have fears? - Actually not. I believe, to be alone would be terrible. And never to fall in love would be terrible too.

On January 16, O-Town came to Germany to act for a Soap called "Gute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten". They kept the whole operation top secret. So nobody really knows that O-Town were in Germany. What are they gonna do in the Soap? They'll act as O-Town!! They'll perform in "Daniel's Bar" as O-Town.. The whole story will air on March 7th on RTL.

"Liquid Dreams" was shown on MTV Europe. The VJ of Select said "I know we don't play O-TOWN very often but we receive a lot of e-mails asking for them."

And from the MTV Europe website : "Great Guests on Select - watch out for Travis, Pink, Sum 41, Train & O-Town over the next few weeks.


Finally MTV Europe played O-TOWN songs, I still can't believe it. During the songs that were airing, SMS from people all around Europe were shown and they all were such as: "O-TOWN!!!!Rocks my world", "Hi MTV Please play All Or Nothing It is tops" or just "Please play O-TOWN", "we love O-TOWN". After All Or Nothing started the "interview" in the SELECT studio. First the VJ said he had never met O-TOWN before and he had never had the chance to be in the same room at the same time with them before. He asked the boys how do they feel about the European tour. Erik said they love it and then Ashley added that it's going to last like 7 weeks !!! In the VJ's opinion this is great, because there are a lot of O-TOWN fans in Europe, e-mailing SELECT, wanting to see their videos, asking questions about them etc. On the question if there is any particular place they are excited they're gonna be touring to the boys all answered Ireland and also London, because they had never done a show there before. The VJ wanted to know something about the show they actually make and Dan said they are singing live, playing live, everything is live. Then Erik talked a little "inside story" about the recording of All Or Nothing. About the new album Ashley said that they were recently recording songs for it and it'll come out this summer or this spring. He also added that now they know their voices, they know who sounds good at what particular part. According to Trevor the tour with Britney had been a lot of fun, and a great experince, because they had never performed in front of so many people. About Love Should Be A Crime - Jacob explained the video is not done yet because the boys are putting together a lot of home video, from home video cameras. Ashley added this is probably the last single from their 1st album . And one more thing about the style about the new album: Dan "Be surprised!". After that the VJ said they had lots of e-mail and he read only one e-mail which was "really sweet" in his words - and the author was Deni from Bulgaria (THIS IS ME). He said "You can see the number of exclamation marks and how much she is excited about you being in our studio". Yeah they were many :) And Erik looked at my printed e-mail - cool "she wants to know if there was one more single from that album what would it be. She suggested Take Me Under or See You Again from the LONGSHOT soundtrack So if you did have to release one more single would you take the advice?" Erik: "I wanna say thanks" Oh My God - he wants to thank me "because these are songs written by us. Gosh, yeah, thank you" and I was like - I can't beliveve it - thank YOU !!! O-TOWN were asked to choose a video from SELECT's playlist and their choice was Blink 182 Stay Together For The Kids . That's all and it was cool!

Thanks Deni for all of your GREAT news and we are so happy that they got to read your eamil!
O-TFP Team

UPDATED January 17, 2002

Here is some news from Britt (britt_the_brat88) - Thanks girl!!

*O-Town is on FoxTel (pay TV/cable) on Channel 5 (Nickelodeon) every Friday Night at 9:00! Season 1 ends tonight and Season 2 starts next week!

*On Channel 15 (Channel V) the American Music Awards will air on Monday, January 21 at 4:00pm and re-air on Sunday, January 27 at 9:00pm

According to BMG Holland, O-Town will release Liquid Dreams on the 8th of February in Holland! Finally, they get a taste of O-Town in Holland! Thanks Julia269.

UPDATED January 5, 2002

Here is some news that Sandra from Germany has shared with us!
Making the Band air times in Germany: (old episodes we are assuming)
Sunday 5:00-5:30pm
Friday 11:00-11:30am
Wednesday 5:00-5:30pm
Tuesday 10:00-10:30pm

06.02.2002 Oberhausen Turbinenhalle
07.02.2002 Frankfurt Jahrhunderthalle
08.02.2002 Leipzig Haus Auensee
10.02.2002 Flensburg Campus Halle
11.02.2002 Bremen Pier 2
12.02.2002 Hannover Capitol
14.02.2002 Fuerth Stadthalle
15.02.2002 Stuttgart Hegelsaal
16.02.2002 NL-Kerkrade Rohdahalle
17.02.2002 Emsdetten Emshalle
18.02.2002 Bielefeld PC 69
19.02.2002 Braunschweig Stadthalle
21.02.2002 Wien Gasometer
22.02.2002 Munich Colosseum
09.03.2002 Cologne - BRAVO Supershow 2002

Miscellaneous Info:
Top 5 -favourite- Popbands
(voted by the readers of the biggest youth-mag in Germany BRAVO)
1. O-Town
2. No Angels (first "Making the band"-Stars in Germany)
3. Linkin Park
4. Westlife
5. BSB

Who is your fave-O-Town member?
(Bravo-Readers voted by phone)
1. Ashley - 46,57%
2. Erik - 16,99 %
3. Dan - 16,41%
4. Jacob - 12,91%
5. Trevor - 7,12%
Here's what the guys said about that: (thanks Deni (TV GIRL) for this part)
Ashley "Without O-TOWN we would be nothing" , Erik "This is really cool" , Dan "You can't win always" , Jacob "I want that the fans come to our concerts because they like our music and not because I'm sweet" , Trevor "It's not so important".

Bravo-Top 5-Charts
(19.12.2001 - 26.12.2001)
1. O-Town "We fit together"
2. Westlife "Queen of my heart"
3. Bro´Sis "I believe"
4. Britney "I´m a slave for you"
5. BsB "Drowning"

"There is a show in Germany called Top Of The Pops. On December 29th, Ashley was co-hosting. First he said that the rest of the guys wanted to be there too, but they couldn't for some reason. (Some were still at home) The audience liked him A LOT :) !! In the end of the show he even said in German "Ich liebe Deutsche fans!" which means "I love German fans!" and everybody started screaming :). That was very sweet." (thanks Deni)

If you live in Germany or are able to make an international call you can support O-TOWN for the Bravo Awards by calling 01 90/49 93 06 2. The other way is voting online by going to www.bravo.de. Thanks Deni.

UPDATED December 27, 2001

Caru (caruhannah) says that on The Box, channel 449 on UK sky digital, Liquid Dreams was the 4th most requested video on "the box" in 2001! And just so you know, Liquid Dreams is available to request on the box, as selection #643. And AON is on "Smash Hits" another UK music channel selection #989.

UPDATED December 22, 2001

*UK Fan's Influence O-Town*
O-Town and the people behind them have taken the e-mails and messages fans have sent in, to account and have decided that "Love Should Be A Crime" will be their next single in the UK. It will be released on February 4th 2002.
*O-Town will finally set foot on British shores to embark on their very first UK Tour! O-Town will be supported by the US band LFO (Lyte Funkie Ones) during this tour.

*O-Town will be at the "BRAVO Supershow 2002" in Cologne on March 9th 2002!

UPDATED December 19, 2001

Thanks to Deni (TVGIRL) for telling us that:
-O-TOWN are on the charts of one of the most popular Germany TV shows "BRAVO TV" ( with "We Fit Together" ). The first week they were Number 21, then 2 and next week they are going to be NUMBER 1 instead of WESTLIFE (this is amazing because in German charts Westlife are almost ALWAYS number 1!)
*Bro'Sis , the German Popstars -the 2nd alternative of O-TOWN in Germany , will support them on their Spring Tour 2002
*their Live from New York DVD was released in Germany on December 3, 2002

UPDATED December 12, 2001

O-Town touring in Ireland
January 23- Kilarneymustang Sally's
January 24- Corkopera House
January 25- Dublinnational Stadium

UPDATED December 8, 2001

O-Town will be doing the following shows in the UK!!
January 27 - Dominion Theatre, London
January 28 - Dominion Theatre, London
January 29 - Pavillion Theatre, Glasgow
January 30 - Apollo, Manchester
January 31 - Royal Theatre, Nottingham
Tickets are on sale NOW!

They will also stop by Ireland but dates are not yet confirmed. Scroll down for the Germany dates!

UPDATED December 6, 2001

*December 24th kicks off the 2nd season of Making The Band in the UK!

*O-Town: "Live From New York City" VHS and DVD will be released in the UK but no set date has been confirmed yet.

UPDATED December 3, 2001

On December 17, O-Town will have a live chat on MSN while in Germany. More details to follow or check msn.com for more info. Thanks Nicky (waterlily3276).

UPDATED October 28, 2001


Here are some GERMANY dates provided by Deni:

12/17 Mechernich bei Bonn BEBabylon
12/18 Grosse Freiheit 36 Hamburg, Germany
12/19 Berlin Columbiahalle

2/8 Leipzig Haus Auensee
2/10 Dresden Alter Schlachthof
2/11 Bremen Pier 2
2/12 Hannover Capitol
2/14 Furth Stadthalle
2/15 Stuttgart Hegelsaal
2/16 NL-Kerkrade Rohdahalle
2/17 Emsdetten Stadthalle
2/18 Bielefeld PC 69
2/19 Braunschweig Stadthalle
2/21 Wien Gasometer
2/22 Munchen Colosseum