**The Official O-Town Website**

The official site has the latest news and information regarding tour dates and much more!

**The Official International Fan Club**

To join, please send a postcard (or letter) stating you would like to join the club with your address to:

The O-Town Official International Fan Club
PO Box 5488
Bellingham, WA USA 98227

Any letters you have for the guys can also be sent there. Or, if you would like to send in your payment and registration now, click on the link below to print out the form and send it in with your payment.
Costs and further info will be found on that page as well.

Your membership includes:
-Folio with O-Town logo
-black and white 8 x 10 promo photo of O-Town suitable for framing
-group bio sheet
-5 individual fact cards with color photo and individual stats
-O-Town fan club member sticker
-pen pal registration form
-e-list registration form (requesting us to keep you informed about O-Town activities and special member opportunities by e-mail)
-a classified ad submission form
-fan club meet and greet request form so you can actually meet the O-Town guys in person backstage before a show!! (drawn by lottery for each city on their regular tour.)

Four newsletters will be sent to you separately in your membership year. The newsletters will contain confirmed tour information, letters to you from the guys, your artwork, poetry and photos (send us all those photos of your O-Town walls!), photos of you with O-Town at member meet and greets, pen-pal pages, member classified ads page, and exclusive O-Town merchandise pages. Each newsletter will contain a membership voucher with your membership number, expiry date and your address which will entitle you to special for members only benefits that we will announce as your membership year progresses.
(Thanks to the DCrew for this info)

**The Official O-Town Online Street Team**

Receive emails from the team regarding the latest news and information. O-Town sometimes sends out messages through this team as well. So if you want to hear it straight from them, join now! There are also great contests and TRL info sent out in these emails.

To read the messages that O-Town sent through the Street Team, click HERE.