O-Town has sent many messages to their fans through the Official Street Team. Here are some of those messages. If you have any saved that we do not have here, please email it to us at otfanpage@yahoo.com.

This page contains messages from 2003.
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YES WE ARE STILL ALIVE!!! Wow, it has been a few weeks since you have heard from us and we have a lot to catch up on!!! As you all know "I SHOWED HER" was released as our 2nd single and immediately caught the attention of EVERY RADIO DJ IN THE U.S.!!! It was the NUMBER ONE most added song to radio right out of the gate!! While we are traveling we have experienced the response from fans everywhere and it has been truly incredible. A lot of you have compared the sound of "I SHOWED HER" as being similar to "ALL OR NOTHING" which we couldn't agree more. It's just one of those songs that you feel in your heart on the very first listen....

Very soon the OTOWN STREET TEAM will have a video for "I SHOWED HER" to vote for!!! As we continue to find the right concept and director we will keep you filled in on every development along the way....there is no doubt it will be as beautiful as the song itself.

We just have to take this time to tell you THAT WE HAVE MISSED SEEING YOU ALL VERY MUCH!!! This is the first time as OTOWN that we have not been on an official tour of some sort and we are getting anxious to get back out on the road.....WE MISS OUR BEAUTIFUL AUDIENCE (that's you) and we are planning on hitting the road A.S.A.P.!!!!! (hint: sometime in April)

Meanwhile, the TIME HAS COME AGAIN TO CALL EVERY RADIO DJ THERE IS AND REQUEST "I SHOWED HER!!!!! We are so excited at the response already and just think IT'S ONLY BEEN OUT FOR THREE WEEKS!!!! SO VOTE ON EVERY NIGHTLY COUNTDOWN AND GET YOUR COUSINS, AUNTS, LITTLE BROTHERS AND PET GOLDFISH TO VOTE TOO....(goldfish can be very resourceful...you'd be surprised)

Trevor would like to thank those of you who went and supported him at the Bob Hope Classic Golf Tournament, it was a dream come true for him to play....Jacob has given every present he has gotten for Abby to good use....Erik has been working on a Spanish version of "I Showed Her". His mom is helping to translate!!! It sounds incredible....Dan is singing his parts in "I Showed Her" like a fluent Spanish pro.....and Ashley has been spending time in Los Angeles auditioning so don't be surprised if you see him getting a footlong turkey and ham, no mayo, no cheese, just mustard, lettuce, tomato, banana pepper, guacamole, salt and pepper, oil and vinegar SUBWAY sandwich somewhere in Los Angeles....he eats there at least twice a day. Baked Lays are the best.

We send our love to everyone on THE OTOWN STREET TEAM...ya'll are still the best at kicking that plumpy rear-end!!! ENOUGH SAID.

Sincerely, Ashley, Trevor, Jacob, Erik, and Dan

Hello O-Towners!

What up? It's O-Town here! We just returned from our trip to the UK (we had a TOTAL blast!) and what can we say except THANK YOU! We are sending you all a BIG shout-out for making our first week at radio with "I Showed Her" a HUGE success. Because of your hard work we were the #1 MOST ADDED song this week at Top 40 Radio! Guess you heard that already ;-) !!


We have ALL OF YOU to thank for putting us on TOP!

We (myself, Ashley, Jacob, Erik and Trevor) are as excited as you are about getting another song out to our fans, but we wanted to remind all of you that the emails, requests and calls you send to your local radio stations make a BIG impact on getting our music played. We know a lot of you are "very connected" and take your work very seriously. We are extremely grateful!

We appreciate you taking the time to contact the stations to make your voices heard, but remember that sometimes TOO MANY requests can jeopardize our chances of getting played, especially to stations that haven't officially "added" the single to their playlist. We want "I Showed Her" heard on as many stations as possible, in as many cities as possible! I guess we just need to be careful that we aren't driving the stations who aren't playing the single (yet!) too crazy...in the days to come we hope that every station on the map is playing "I Showed Her" (thanks to your hardwork ;-)) and than you can call or email them all!!

So we challenge you to tackle those stations who are really PLAYING our record and prove to all the other stations that THEY have a hit on their hands! Please don't think we are asking you to "turn off your fire", we are just asking you guys to cool down just a little bit :-)

We need you guys! You are the BEST, most dedicated online street team there is!

We know you have the passion and enthusiasm to take on just about anything... so gear up and let's make "I Showed Her" a MAJOR SUCCESS. Oh yeah, you can catch us on RICKI LAKE this FRIDAY (tomorrow) where we do an acoustic version of "These Are The Days."

-Lots of love coming your way...Dan, Erik, Ashley, Trevor and Jacob

HAPPY NEW YEAR STREET TEAMERS.........WHAT'S GOIN ON EVERYBODY. We hope you all rung in the new year with a bang. We did....... (kinda).......I don't know if you guys caught it....WAIT..... WHAT THE HECK ARE WE SAYING?!?!.....of course you caught us on DICK CLARK ROCK 'N NEW YEARS and in the Rose Bowl Parade.

BEING IN THE PARADE (thats the cool part).......BAD PART....they make you get up a 4:30 in the morning to get to the parade on time. So needless to say we all got to bed relatively early.....we all needed our beauty sleep for the next day. A MILLION PEOPLE SHOWED UP TO WATCH THE PARADE PASS.......GOOD LORD THATS ALOT OF PEOPLE.

Anyway......IT'S 2003.....AND WE CAN'T BELIEVE IT. We our very, VERY excited to get to the new year goin right. 2002 was cool.....and we definitely appreciate you guys headin out to support the new album and THESE ARE THE DAYS.......YOU GUYS ALWAYS GO ABOVE AND BEYOND. We're pushin to make the new year even better than the last. So first things first, the new single.......drumroll please......(can you hear it?) I SHOWED HER.......hits radio on January 27.......THATS RIGHT- JANUARY 27. There are alot of you already convinced that it could be our BIGGEST HIT YET.

Coming up for us though......We're doing a charity event in Orlando on the 11th.....and then the day after that.......WE GET TO SING THE NATIONAL ANTHEM AT THE SAN FRANSISCO 49ER VS. TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS PLAYOFF GAME ON SUNDAY....needless to say, we can't wait for that. OTHER THAN THAT......Trevor's been playing alot of golf....he's got to practice up so he doesn't embarrass us all in the BOB HOPE GOLF CLASSIC at the end of the month. Jacob has been spending plenty of quality time with Janie and everyone's favorite pet.........DRUMROLL again.......ABBY THE MONKEY.....Dan, Erik, and Ashley have been spending time with their families and relaxing a little. But we're all READY TO GET BACK OUT ON TOUR......SO STAY ON THE LOOKOUT FOR TOUR DATES AND UPCOMING APPEARANCES....