We get a lot of e-mail every day and it's really hard for us to keep up with every single person sometimes. You'll do us a really BIG favor if you read this section before you decide to e-mail us. Thanks so much!

Do you have anymore news on (insert topic here)?
No. If you can't find the info you need about an appearance or event on this site, then unfortunately we do not know anything else about it. We will post everything we know about events on the site asap!

Can I use your pictures and/or information?
Pleeease ask for permission before taking anything from this site. Just tell us what it is you want to take and what you're using it for. If we don't respond within the next few days try e-mailing us at our individual e-mail addresses which we check more often. If we give you permission, please be sure to CREDIT this site and use your own words and format. Please do not copy and paste info exactly from our site to yours. And please do not take any pics that have e-mail addresses on them (try contacting the owner) or that say "O-Town Fan Page" on them. Also, any notations made saying "DO NOT TAKE" for pictures or pages written exclusively by O-TFP are NOT to be taken (used on other sites) for any reason. So just ask. We promise we won't bite and we'll do all that we can to help you out. :)

Is one of the guys dating so-and-so?
We prefer to respect the guys' privacy and only post publicly released information from the guy's official fan club or confirmed sources (don't ask what that means - couldn't think of the term). However, if you've heard a rumor or want to read more about a rumor, we conveniently have a rumors section for that.

Will there be another season of "Making the Band"?
Several reliable sources and magazines have confirmed in interviews with the guys that they are NOT going to be filming another season of the show.

Do you have access to concert tickets and/or backstage passes?
Unfortunately, we do not. We are just a FAN site and we do not have any connection to the band or their management. If you would like some tips on how to meet them, go to our "tips to meet O-Town" page.

When is their CD coming out?
Their second album, O2, is currently scheduled for release on October 8, 2002, however, the date has been pushed several times in the past. They assure everyone that they are trying not to rush through the recordings and produce a great album.

Where did you get all of those pictures, biographies, etc?
Look under the Credits section and you'll find a list of sites and names of people from which the pictures, information, etc. was taken (thanks guys!!). If you find something on here that belongs to you, and you weren't given proper credit, PLEASE e-mail us! We will be more than happy to link or awknowledge you.

How do you make a website?
Nooo!!! Anything but that question. j/k! It's just that, that's a very vague question. You'll probably want to start out by signing up for a site account with a host. Some good beginner hosts are Geocities.com, Angelfire.com, and Tripod.com. Careful with other sites because they might promise you a lot and not fulfill their side of the agreement. Suggestions for getting started: read lots of html tutorials online, download a graphics program (see next question), draw out a layout before coding it, determine what content will be on the site, save your files to your hard drive and then upload them to a site account.

How did you get your domain name and who hosts you?
Freewebz.com hosts us and we also purchased our .net domain name from them. They're okay, but they have downtime every now and then. Do your research before purchasing a domain name and carefully set a long-term budget.

How do you get lots of visitors?
Submitting to search engines is a must if you want to really make your site known. Yahoo! and Google are probably the big ones that you'll want to get into, although, it's a good idea to submit to other ones as well. There's usually a "Submit a Site" link or something like that at the bottom of those pages. Only submit your site once to each search engine and be patient! It can sometimes take months to get sites listed.

How do you make your layouts?
Well, first off. You can view past layouts here. There's information on there about what graphics programs were used, fonts used, etc. Try out Paint Shop Pro (you can download a free trial version at CNET.com under their downloads section) or Adobe Photoshop and just play around with it - the different tools, effects, and everything. If you have any specific questions about graphics or layouts feel free to e-mail Valerie or Lisa anytime!

I need help with HTML!
Okay, before e-mailing us, check out the HTML tutorial at PageResource.com to see if they answer your question. If not, then you can e-mail any one of us with your specific questions.

Why don't your picture galleries show up?
The picture galleries are hosted on separate site accounts because of the large amount of traffic we receive and the cost of bandwidth. Therefore, when too many people are trying to access certain pages, they will be temporarily frozen by the hosting site. Check back in a few hours.

Why was I unable to access o-townfanpage.net?
Our host isn't exactly 100% reliable so we do have some downtime every now and then. BUT, you can almost always access this site at http://www.freewebz.com/o-townfanpage. So if the domain url doesn't work try the longer one.

Do you know O-Town?
No, we do not personally know O-Town. Some of us have met them but do not have any personal connection to them. But are, of course, HUGE fans :)

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