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ADDED April 28, 2002

Yes, RICH CRONIN is opening up for O-Town in selected cities. Where is the rest of LFO? We don't really know for sure. We also do not know at this time if there will be any other acts to open for them.

At this time, we don't know exactly if songs that they submitted to Clive Davis will be on the next CD or not. We will just have to wait for the final track list or the CD itself to be released. We are hoping a few songs that they wrote will be featured though!

*RUMOR: "I heard in the J-14 magazine that Erik used to work at Busch Gardens."
*SUBMITTED BY: Lakeisha (estradaangel923)
*ANSWER: DON'T KNOW!: Busch Gardens is in Florida where Erik lives so it is possoble! We don't know for sure but they did have many jobs growing up so it could very well be true. Imagine being next to Erik not knowing he would be a superstar just years later!

*RUMOR: "I heard from a friend that Erik and Trevor do not get along for the life of 'em. I also heard that Jacob is thinking off going solo. Are either of these true? HOPE NOT!"
*SUBMITTED BY: Megan (meganator94@)
*ANSWER: JUST RIDICULOUS!: Erik and Trevor (as well as the rest of them) surely have little fight and arguements. But we doubt that they HATE each other! Everyone gets a little annoyed by people they are always around but we are sure it isn't anyting serious. As for Jacob...maybe years from now he will go solo. But for now, his place is with O-Town and will continue to stay in the group for awhile!

ADDED April 2, 2002

*Songs found on the internet like on winmx, morpheous, etc. that feature songs sung by O-Town that you are not familiar with are not really O-Town. Songs such as "I Still Love You", "How Deep Is Your Love", "I Swear", etc. say they are by O-Town but they are NOT!!

*Ashley does not have asthma

*Trish (flamechick04) had this to say about the rumor/qwuestion about Jacob's friend being in The Calling's music video. - "Hey this is Trish, and no it's not Thania. Her sister Rosanna is my sis' good friend and Rosanna says "she gets it a lot, but it's funny cause that girl in the video is white, and you can tell me and Thani are mixed". Thania's nickname is Thani, I got to talk to Rosanna 3 days ago and that's what she said. By the way she wants me to make sure the "white thing" doesn't come out the wrong way." -Thanks Trish!

*YES...Making The Band is supposedly cancelled. Although we had word that MTV picked it up for 8 more episodes to be shown this summer, POPSTAR mag has said at MTV decided to drop it. Maybe because of low ratings, not enough time to be filmed 24/7 anymore, or who really knows. We hope this isn't rue but we will keep you posted on our main page if anything changes.

*Lots of you are still asking about Ashley's injury in Germany. We have 2 articles about it in our articles section.

*Yes Nelly wrote a song for O-Town called "Favorite Girl".

* Micky (mike29) heard that Ashley is making a movie with Alicia Keys and says it is true but no date is set. What have We heard? Nothing thus far.

*RUMOR: "When I was on a webpage looking at o-town pics they had a bunch of pics of Shelli in them, and I was like okayyyyy why do they have Shelli?? So I was going there for the like 5th time b/c it has alot of pics and when i was coming to this other link it said "about shelli" so I clicked it and it said that Shelli, Ashley's girl, was the one who made up the site?? Is that true? IT WAS LIKE "DOES O-TOWN BRING YOU TO ORGASMIC LEVELS?? I reallly wanna know!! lovepeaceandchickengreasse!!"
*ANSWER: DON'T KNOW!: Well we doubt that Shelli would make a site for them especially with that kind of name! We are sure she is as busy as they are with her own life. There are a lot of posers out there. We have never heard of this site but if you have the link, please send it to us so we can take a look at it.

*RUMOR: "I heard that Dan had braces and that he wears it sometimes in the present. I read it in a german magazin called YAM."
*SUBMITTED BY: Mady (mady.loos)
*ANSWER: DON'T KNOW!: We don't know if this one is true but if anyone knows for a FACT that is is or isn't, please submit your answer in the form below.

ADDED March 8, 2002
Sorry some of the rumors posted today are a little bit older. We had trouble accessing this particular page of the website as far as updating it for about a month. It wasn't saving anything we would post here but it is working now so here we go...

*RUMOR: "Do you know if "love should be a crime" will come out in the USA and Canada? And if it doesn't come out here, why not?? Is there a reason?"
*SUBMITTED BY: Shelli (got_milk35)
*ANSWER: TRUE!: "LSBAC" will not be released in the US because the record company wants their next single to be from their next album. What is the real reason? Only they know but my opinion is that they released it overseas to keep the fan base and maybe they don't think the radio stations here who normally play O-town would play it because it is a change of style for a so called "boy group". The song is awesome but as far as the marketing is concerned, maybe there is a reason they think it wouldn't sell here. That is JUST an opinion. A lot of times, song releases are not always the same in all areas. It is just all marketing. O-Town themselves have no control over it.

*RUMOR: "I heard Ashley went to the hospital in Germany due to an asthma attack!"
*SUBMITTED BY: Several people
*ANSWER: DON'T KNOW!: We personally do not know the truth behind this but the rumor is out there. If you have absolute confirmation, email us! If it did happen, we know that he is ok now because we haven't heard otherwise.

*RUMOR: "I heard you can see part of Trevor's butt on their DVD at the end of "Girl". Is it true?
*SUBMITTED BY: Lots of people!
*ANSWER: After examining it many times, it does look like it but then sometimes it looks like a belt of some sort. Trevor does admit to not wearing underwear but does in fact wear it while performing in fear a fan might pull his pants down! If it is in fact his butt showing, someone didn't do a very good editing job!

*RUMOR: "I've heard from a few people that they are releasing a new song called "American Game"? Is there any truth to this?"
*SUBMITTED BY: Staci (OxOitzallmeXoX)
*ANSWER: TRUE!: This song will be on their next CD which is TENTATIVELY scheduled for release on July 9th. The lyrics can be found on's message board and if you would like to hear a 10 second wav of it, email us and we can forward it to you. The song was being performed on their tour overseas and the lyrics are awesome! It has a rock feel to it and we can't wait for the full CD!

*RUMOR: "My friend said that on MTB Ashley said he was leaving O-Town and was going to be an actor because they couldn't get 5 days off. IS THIS TRUE?"
*SUBMITTED BY: Tori (screamgirl45)
*ANSWER: JUST RIDICULOUS!: In the episode of MTB aired on March 2, 2002, Ashley had showed us his interest in acting. Although he used his days off to check out some acting schools, techniques and even tried out for a role, he was reminded that he could not take 5 weeks off to pursue his acting and still be in the group. Although he loves to act AND sing, he says O-Town is his life right now and will not be leaving the group anytime soon.

*RUMOR: "Will they be shown on Britney Spears' DVD of her concert?"
*SUBMITTED BY: Ashley (Ashley123)
*ANSWER: No, they will not show O-town's performance. It is HER show and HER DVD. Normally, opening acts are not featured on other people's video releases.

*RUMOR: "What ever happened to their publicist Jay Marose?"
*ANSWER: He left them after the first season. He no longer works for Trans Con and is rumored to be doing other things in the same field but just not for O-Town or Trans Con. We do not know if he quit or was let go but have heard he did in fact leave on his own but not we don't know if it was on good or bad terms. We hope it was all good and that he is doing good for himself!

*RUMOR: "I didn't hear this from anyone I am just assuming... is this page or Dream Come True, O-Town Studio, Dancing in the Dark, Fantasy and all those popular sites run by O-town or anyone related to them because all of those sites know so much on O-Town its hard to tell.?"
*SUBMITTED BY: Lissa (soccerchik85)
*ANSWER: This particular website is not owned or maintained by O-Town, its family members, or its affiliates such as Actual Management or J records. We do have lots of information on them which is composed by many sources including but not limited to other websites, fans, (this is the official site but it is not maintained by O-Town themselves but instead their record company), their official street team, magazines, media, and so on. Most of the popular sites you see online are ran by fans and most have disclaimers stating that they have no connection to O-town or their affiliates. Some information posted may have come from O-Town either by official sources such as their website or street team. Some info posted here was said by O-Town, or others connected with them, to O-Town Fan Page members but we are still just fans and this is all done by us. They do not have the time to maintain their own sites. is done by someone who works for them. These great sites you see are just fan sites and we all just like to show our dedication to the group.

**NO, Ashley and that girl Tammy who was on Making the Band are not really married! The marriage was staged because it was her dream to marry him but none of it was legal. It was all in fun! (Tammy won a dream date with Ashley on Making the Band)

Comment from a fan:
Alison (enero13) - "I think that the rumor about Trevor having a tattoo is not true because no one has ever seen it and doesnt know where it is, plus lots of people including me saw the fact during WFT on TRL, and I have heard O-Town say that some of those facts were just made up, like the one about Dan's dad playing for the Cleveland Indians!!!