Heard any good O-Town rumors lately? We can't always confirm or deny all the rumors we hear. But sometimes it is fun to hear what crazy things are floating around out there. We will try to find out how true these are but don't bet on us to. LOL. If you hear anything juicy, fill out the form below. We will post the reasonable ones and maybe we or others out there can get to the TRUTH! (Please make sure your rumor is not already listed before you submit it.)

Please do not ask about girlfriends!

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*RUMOR: "Do any of the guys have girlfriends?"
*SUBMITTED BY: Almost everyone!
*ANSWER: DON'T KNOW!: If they do have girlfriends, just be happy for them! Their dating status can change at anytime and they may also tell us only what we want to hear or say what comes to mind when asked. People always say yeah so and so is dating or so and so is not. Only they know what the truth is and that should be the one thing that they have to themselves that stays private. Whether it be being in love or still looking, O-Town has a right to be in either position without us getting in the way of it. Thanks!!

ADDED July 8, 2003

*RUMOR: "I heard from a couple sites that Dan got engaged to Erin...is this true....???"
*ANSWER: YES! Dan and Erin are engaged and they are planning on marrying in the summer of 2004. We don't know any details as to how Dan proposed or where the wedding will be but Dan did design Erin's ring and we have heard that it's a beauty. Dan and Erin's engagement has been posted on other O-Town sites, boards, and groups and fans have said to have talked to Erin at shows and have seen the ring but we got this confirmation from Dan's family. We wish Dan and Erin the best of luck!

*RUMOR: "I heard that Ashley is engaged??? I heard that in one of the german magazines! Can you tell me if that is true?!"
*SUBMITTED BY: Rachel (SexiestWoman14@aol.com)
*ANSWER: FALSE! There have been a few rumors started from Oversea magazines and this is one of them.

*RUMOR: "I heard this when I went to a concert that Jake and the guys are going to work on a third album with the help of Elton John and Bernie Taupin."
*ANSWER: DON'T KNOW! As of right now we don't even know if O-Town will be making a 3rd album. There has been no talk about working on new material for a next album. When bands get signed to a label their contract is usually only to make one or two albums and we don't know if O-Town's contract is or will be renewed. But if O-Town got a chance to work with such artists like Elton John that would be awesome.

*RUMOR: "I read on a website a while back that Erik and Jacob are heavy party drinkers and that Jacob likes to get drunk because it "gives him a rush." An old ET website page quoted him supposedly. Is this true?"
*SUBMITTED BY: Valerie (skittles33611@cs.com)
*ANSWER: Hmmm... as far as I know Jacob isn't a hard partier at all. Jacob and Dan are the laid-back guys of the group but as far as Erik goes I know that he likes to party and hit up the clubs but that doesn't necessarily mean that he is a heavy drinker. I haven't seen him in action so I couldn't tell you.

*RUMOR: "I heard that Ashley Angel told some fans that he's was dating a new girl after Shelli is that true?"
*SUBMITTED BY: Ryan (Skilledlil11465@yahoomail.com)
*ANSWER: DON'T KNOW! As posted above we never really know about O-Town's dating status and we at the site try not to focus on their girlfriends because we think its personal and they have the right to do whatever they want. It has been rumored that Ashley is dating some girl name Tiffany and she has been at a few shows. That's all I know.

*RUMOR: "The other day I was searching through some websites and read a rumor, I wanted to know if its true or not. In the DVD, concert, a "fan" was brought out on stage and got sung to. Some people say that that was Dan's sister. I personally don't think so, but is it true?"
*ANSWER: FALSE! Nope the girl who got sung to on stage on the DVD was just some lucky radio contest winner. Dan's sister does not look anything like her and she is older.

ADDED November 3, 2002
YES! Jacob and Janie did get married on October 26, 2002. They are childhood sweethearts and were engaged for some time. They tied the knot in California. Check out our main page for the photos link.

*RUMOR: "I heard that Erik and Dan wrote this song called Death Wish for their 2nd album. I heard that from a magazine(I think that it was a J-14 mag)? Is this true?"
*SUBMITTED BY: AMandA (littleanggel)
*ANSWER: They did write the song entitled "Death Wish" but it will not appear on the CD after all.

*RUMOR: "I heard that O-town are going to be in Baby Genuises 2 and that they will also be shown in a part of The Real World (the new season...Las Vegas) Plz....tell me that it's true!! THANX!
*ANSWER: The part about them being in Baby Geniuses 2 is true, we suppose. No further information has been given about it although many months ago, we found that they were listed as part of the cast as themselves. We have no further info as to when it comes out or if it was even in production. We will keep you posted if we hear anything further. About Real World Las Vegas... There were quite a few rumors floating around (not necessarily on O-Town sites) saying that a couple of the guys will be shown briefly on an episode. Guess we will just have to watch it to find out. Rumor has it that one of the ladies from the cast hooked up with someone from O-Town but we don't want to talk about it much because we aren't 100% sure of this right now.

ADDED August 3, 2002

*RUMOR: "I heard that the O-town bobbleheads are out. Are they?
*SUBMITTED BY: O-town lover (ShoeQueen1119)
*ANSWER: Although we haven't heard of any stores selling it yet, we have seen pics of some of the dolls and have heard that some are available on Ebay. So check Ebay and search for it there.

*RUMOR: "I heard through a friend whos is friends with Bradley Spalter the guy who wrote Liquid Dreams and Sexiest Woman was in the studio last week in nyc recording 3 new songs with O-town. I heard that him and Erik are best friends and he also wrote one of the songs with Bradley, is this true. Also I heard that they were hanging out at some of the clubs in LA and Bradley and Erik throw crazy parties at Bradley's house in Hollywood. Do you know if any of this is true?
*SUBMITTED BY: Brad (bjy)
*ANSWER: No, SORRY! We don't kow if any of this is true. It is possibly true that Bradley is producing some new tracks for them but we are not aware of the parties they throw because we haven't been to any! LOL.

ADDED July 25, 2002

*Yes it is true that Mike Cronin is no longer working as O-Town's manager. We posted some info abut this before but still have people asking us about it. Mike Cronin and Mike Morin (still their manager) seem to have been bumping heads lately.

*Yes there will be a Making the Band Part 2. Instead of Lou Pearlman in charge, P. Diddy will be the one running this hip-hop version of the original series. it will be airing sometime in the near future.

*Yes...Erik, Ashley, and Trevor will have a new clothing line out soon called Atira. But because they are currently working on their next CD, the date of when their clothing line will launch is not yet known.

*Yes, it is true. The "O2" CD has been pushed back ONCE AGIN! On their official site, the date now reads October 8. We know this is hard on everyine because the wait seems to get longer and longer. But the guys guarantee that it is well worth the wait. So add 7 more days and we hope that's the last change they will make! And if you see July or August release dates in magazines or newspapers, THOSE ARE WRONG. Magazines are printed months in advance so a lot of times, the news they have is quite old.

*We posted some time ago that Jacob supposedly made a comment in a German interview that him and Janie were getting married this October. We don't live in Gernmany so we don't know how true it is. But all we can do is wait to see what happens. And if it is something that turns out to be true, we can only accept it and continue to appreciate Jacob's talent. Married or not, he will be the same talented person he always was. That won't change and him getting married shouldn't change how we feel about him or the group.

*RUMOR: "I heard that O-Town was going on another tour with Radio Disney from July to September. This tour includes O-Town, Plus One, Aaron Carter, Mya, Destiny's Child, and Baha Men. Is this true? Because if it is, there isn't anything about it on any website for Tour dates.
*ANSWER: DON'T KNOW!: We haven't heard anything about this yet. It doesn't seem likely because they would most likely to go on tour this fall or winter in connection with their new CD. But it isn't something to rule out as of yet.

ADDED July 2, 2002
In response to the question about the Regis and Kelly show, they will appear on the show in October but the exact date has not yet been confirmed. They will most likely appear on October 1st but we will know more about this as the month of October approaches. :)

Lots of you ask..."Is O-Town doing any tour dates in any other areas than the USA?" Well, they seem to have a few adtes in Germany this month but as for other areas, we do not have further info on that right now but we will keep you posted!

*RUMOR: "Jacob got a new tattoo(Im not sure but I think so)....at the concert I went to yesterday he put his foot up on an amp and pulled his pant leg and I thought I saw one...and I was wondering if he did!!"
*SUBMITTED BY: Ashley (otowngirlie05)
*ANSWER: DON'T KNOW!: We personally don't know this but if anyone has a picture you can send it to us to post! Ashley, if you saw it then we are sure you are right but we don't have any info as to when he got this tattoo or what it is of. Thanks!

ADDED June 13, 2002
Is O-Town going to be on the Regis and Kelly show soon?
A few have you have asked this question to us. At this time, we heard that they will be on the show sometime in July but since they keep pushing the release of their CD back, their scheduled appearance may also be postponed. As soon as we have confirmation, we will post it on our main page for everyone to see!

Lianne (jacobsno1fan) had this to share with us!

'O-town is creating their very own Bobble Heads. The Trevor, Erik, and Jacob ones have been completed while the Dan & Ashley ones are still in the making. The dolls resemble the guys very much down to the last details - Erik's got the shaved head, dog taggs & jersey, Jacob's got the infamous dreads & guitar with his black wife beater & Trevor even has the big fro with blond tips. Look for them released to stores sometime in June'. Hmmm...sounds interesting! We have heard some are available on EBAY so check it out for yourself! We don't know much more about it so hopefully we will spot these dolls at our local toy stores soon!

In response to a question if the girl in the WFT was in any NSYNC videos or other videos, Megan responded with this:
"About the rumor you posted....the girl in WE FIT TOGETHER was not in Nsync's video, but was in Enriques video, Bailamos. I don't remeber where I heard this, but I know it for fact as I just saw the video. But I do know that this is true."
-Then Isabel told us this:
"Yes in fact, the main girl from "We Fit Together" also appears as a dancer from *NSYNC's video for "Pop."

ADDED May 26, 2002
Ok we have several emails regarding a "wedding" to be held in October for Jacob and Janie. We really don't the truth to that and we don't want to discuss something that we aren't very sure of because a lot of people say they broke up then many say they are more in love now than ever. It's not like we can ask Jacob personally so unfortunetly, we cannot say if this is true or not. Guess we will just have to wait and see!

Stacey (p0rngroove) tells us that "In response to the rumor about LFO and Rich...LFO broke up in March. Rich is opening with a group he's in called Bad Mood Mike." Jackie (JockerJackay) also added confirmation to this info and says "more info can be found on their official street team...http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BadMoodMike_OfficialStreetTeam and please post that ashsbbyangel sent you!!

Yes it is true that O-Town will appear (cameo) in a movie called "Baby Geniuses 2". More info will be posted as soon as it is available but at this time, the only info we have is that they are listed as 5 of the characters in the movie and that they will play themselves in the film.

In response to 3 emails regarding the song "See you Again", the song is only featured on the "Longshot" soundtrack and it is not said to be on their next CD entitled "O2". That CD is slated for an August 6th release but can change as it already has 3 times in the past month and a half.

*RUMOR: "I heard that Ashley and Erik already knew each other before making the band! I heard from a website. Is it true?"
*SUBMITTED BY: Natalie (natty1326)
*ANSWER: FALSE!: As far as we know, the two met at the auditions for the group. Erik is originally from New York and relocated to Florida and Ashley is from California so they just met when the finalists had their workshop in Orlando. They are in fact very close friends now.

*RUMOR: "A friend told me that the name of the main girl of the "We Fit together" video name's Jessica Smith and that she also featured in NSYNC videos. Is it true?
*SUBMITTED BY: Miguel (msuarez21@mtv.com)
*ANSWER: DON'T KNOW!: We don't know what her real name is and I (Erika) don't study NSYNC videos close enough to notice if that same girl was ever in their videos. She is not the same girl that they (NSYNC) have used twice as thier star in two of their videos. But if someone else out there can answer your question about her real name and what other things she has worked on, they can email you direct or email us and we will post the info. Thanks!

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