Have you ever wanted to meet O-Town but just don't know how? Or you just can't seem to score backstage passes? Or you don't know someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows them? Well, we have a few tips hat MAY work but please don't think these are guarantees. Also, there is also a SAFETY issue when trying to met someone famous. Please use caution when following a bus or talking to security and other band members. Do not put yourself at risk just to meet these guys. And do not part from your group too far or for too long. We do not necessarily encourage you to follow these tips but since lots of people ask us about it, we thought we would share some ideas.

We always have people asking us if we know O-Town or if we can give them passes! Unfortunatly, we do not have access to passes nor do we know the guys. But maybe some of these tips will help you out the next time O-Town is in your town! (More coming soon! Or email us if you have a great tip! otfanpage@yahoo.com)


  • Try to find out what hotel they are staying at.
  • You can do that by going around to the most popular ones around the downtown area of your city. Drive around and look for a tour bus or for other fans hanging around.
  • If you are lucky enough to find it, try to conversate with some of the other fans to see what is going on.
  • Wait around for them by the tour bus
  • Or if you have the money, book a room at the hotel and walk around or hang out in the lobby. You never know when someone will come out!


  • Get to the venue early!!!!
  • Wait around outside for the tour bus
  • If there are a lot of security guards around, kindly ask one of them if they know what time the guys will arrive or if they know a way you can meet them for sure.
  • The trick about the above statement is this. DO NOT ACT HYPER! Just walk up to them and calmly ask, "Do you know what the buses will arrive?", etc.
  • Also, send only one person from your group to go and ask one person and maybe send someone else to talk to another person. That way, you both can try to find out what's up and when you meet back up, you can exchange the info that was given to you.


  • If you know what song they finish off with, leave your seats at the start of that song. It's OK! You've already enjoyed the concert, you can miss out on ONE song!
  • Go to the backstage door. In a lot of venues, that should not be hard to find. Walk around the venue before the show to look around for that door. It will be obvious by the large amount of security and fans.
  • Again, make friends with a security guard. Ask them questions such as, "Do you know if they are leaving right away?" or for our over 21 visitors, "Do you know if they are going to be at any clubs tonight?"
  • If there is another act at the show, walk around and try to find them in the crowd. Most of the time if they are not a big act, they will walk around and be glad if you tried to ask them for an autograph.
  • If you spot a dancer, a band member, or the act themself, ask them what they plan on doing that night like, "Are you guys hanging out in the city tonight or are you going to the next city right after this?"
  • More than likely, where they go, O-Town is going. NOT ALWAYS. But there is always that chance. So try to get the scoop from them without making it obvious that all you care about is O-town.
  • It may take 10 minutes to an hour before O-Town leaves a venue depending on their agenda. So go outside after the show and try to locate their tour buses. You will see a massive group of fans so it won't be hard to find.
  • If you are driving, pull up to the area where the buses are. When they leave, follow it. But use extreme caution! Do no pose danger on yourself, your friends, or the fans standing nearby.
  • Try to follow them as far as you can but don't go too far if it just isn't possible.
  • What's the point of this? You never know when they will make a pit stop. So this way, you can stop and talk to them.


  • A lot of times, band members or other people in their management are walking around the venue before and after the show. If you recognize anyone, just CALMLY walk up to them and say hi. No harm there.
  • Ask them, "Are the guys going straight to the next city or are they hanging out here tonight?" The worse that can happen is that they say they don't know or say they can't tell you.
  • If they won't tell you, don't give up just yet. Just say, "Come on, I won't tell anyone." If they say no again, then just say, "Thanks anyway." Don't be too pushy.
  • What I (Erika) like to do when I meet a band member, I ask them, "So what are you guys doing tonight? Are you hanging out or leaving?" They will usually tell what they are gonna do. Don't out right say "Where's O-Town?!" A lot of the time, I'll start to talk to a band member and end up talking and forget all about the "star". Then eventually, someone will be looking for this "band member" and they will invite you to hang out. Then you never know when O-Town will show up!
  • Join their fan club! They give out passes to random members so you never know what your luck may bring!
  • Call your local radio station and ask if there are any special contests where you can win to meet them. It worked for Sabrina (~*Jacob's Baby Gal *~)!!

    We have more coming soon so check back. How do we know these tips may work?? From Erika's personal experiences, these have worked almost all of the time. So good luck and BE CAREFUL!!