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October 31st, 2003
12:15pm CST
Yeah! New do you all like it?! So far I am liken it I was planning on changing the whole look and set-up of the site but having two jobs and school is a killer. Right now my bed is calling me but hopefully later today I will get a chance to do some updating, it's needed. Also thanks so much to Tonique for making us a great opening graphic for Halloween. Hope everybody has fun tonight and gets a ton of candy especially Reese's and Kit Kats (there my faves!)

October 8th, 2003
9:22pm CST
IS THIS THE END?? Everyone is talking about the hoopla surrounding the guys and their future. And I really don't know what the final outcome will be. But they have been touring for like 3 years straight and doing so much that they do derserve a small break. So let's not get ahead of ourselves saying that they are over and done with. We will just have to wait and see. And on an un related note...GO CHICAGO CUBS!!!! Sorry but I have to represent for my hometown and my favorite team!!

October 6th, 2003
11:22pm CST
Hey guys! I finally got around to updating the layout. This layout is only temp until I get around to making it look different then the regular black background and such. So stay tuned....also I wanted to add this article clip that Sommer sent in about O-Town from POPSTAR! Magazine.

QUESTION:Is O-Town totally over?
ANSWER:SORTA. The guys of O-Town did their final public performance August 16th in Orlando (the city which gave them their names!) for Child Watch at the Hard Rock. ERIK-MICHAEL told Orlando's star DJ CHAD PITT that after the show "we are going to be taking some time for us. We felt it best to do the show in Orlando and bring it back home before we take a little break." But the tone of his comments were pretty final ("We're best friends, but O-TOWN is always going to be O-TOWN 'cuz we're friends.") and J Records has confirmed there are "no plans" for any more O-TOWN releases...ever. Stay tuned, but at the very least, the band will not be working together for a long time. We love that group and hope they make their break as "little" as possible.

So yah that is really sad....especially when J Records said there wont be any more O-Town releases....EVER. That word ever is a really strong word. Anywho I plan on making some updates later this week and add a couple things so look forward to that until then bye!

September 27th, 2003
1:18am CST
Hey kiddos! I am finally here to bring you all some updates. There wasn't that much to add but I tried. So enjoy and if you have anything to donate or whatever feel free to e-mail us. Thanks! =)
- New! Erik Wallpaper
- New! Erik Stationary
-Things That Make You Go Hmmm...
-Fan Encounters
- Cool Facts
- Predictions
- Quotes

September 23rd, 2003
9:18pm CST
Hey everyone, long time no post. Well, Lisa, I know it is Erik's birthday week but we actually already had Erik week in August!! LOL. So other than a new layout and some Erik quotes and stuff, there won't be an official Erik week. Sorry! But I would like to say Happy Birthday to Erik!!! I know he will go out and party his butt off! And I am even doubly excited cuz when it is Erik's birthday, it means MY birthday is the next day! LOL. So Happy Birthday to me too, HA HA!! I will be the big 2-8 tomorrow. Sorry I have been so busy. I don't have much time to go online lately. So please forgive me once again. I don't have any idea what is going on with our boys cuz I have been out of it so you fans out there have to update me! I'll try to do some work here very soon!

September 22nd, 2003
Hey guys! I did a little adjusting to the layout hope you like the new Erik look. I think this week is going to be Erik week but it depends on Erika's schedule. I also added a couple new buttons up top. I re-opened my custom design site so please go check that out. And I opened a fanlisting for Ryan Turner. You guys are probably like who the heck is Ryan? Well if you happen to watch ABC Family you might have heard of The Brendan Leonard Show...well that show is about a bunch of 19 year old guys from Chicago who just hang out and make comedy skits and Ryan is one of the cast memebers. I would call it a comedy/reality show. I'm a total dork so I think the show is fabulous and if you do too please join the fanlisting! Thanks guys and I will be updating some time this week so look forward to that. =)

September 18th, 2003
Hey everyone! I updated the Trade and Sell Page today. There is a bunch of new footage, if you scroll all the way down to the bottom. Also, for the next month, I will include free Meet and Greet footage with every purchase you buy (if requested!) The footage will include the guys giving personal messages to the camera ( and blow some kisses maybe?), all one of a kind and priceless. Plus all prices on everything has been cut back now that I am in college and really need the money. If you have any questions or if you are interested in anything, or you have any video of O-Town that you would be willing to sell/trade, please write me at and let me know! Thanks guys, you rock! . . . and so does O-Town!

September 17th, 2003
10:58pm CST
Hey! I got good news. There are some NEW O-Town pics! Who's excited?! A bunch of pics are from the German version of the tv show "POPSTARS" so go and check them out! Thanks.
- Ashley - 3
- Dan - 1
- Erik - 1
- Jacob - 5
- Group - 19

September 16th, 2003
8:58pm CST
Okay (read last post by me below) I just checked my emails and I have no more Dan emails. So, this will be the last Dan day but I will dedicate this day for him!

Dan fact of the day: He describes his romantic side as "gooey".
- Erika

8:49pm CST
Thanks Lisa for sticking up for me. I have been very busy and last I checked, I didn't get any new emails on Dan. So I'll check one last time and add any we get. Be right back!

September 15th, 2003
11:48pm CST
Hey guys! I was watching VH1 today and this show "VHI Goes Inside" was on and it was about The Miss America Pageant. So they did like a 4 min. segment on O-Town's first live tv performance. It was a little disturbing on how they explained the whole situation. Let's just say a lot of mean comments were said about the boys. So if you are interested in catching this show here are the days and times it repeats:
-Tuesday 12:30pm, 8:00pm
-Wednesday 12:00am, 12:00pm
-Thursday 11:00am
-Saturday 6:00pm, 10:00pm
-Sunday 2:00pm
All these days are this week and all times are central standard time so check your listings for exact times in your area. I also want to add that I think Dan week is going to be extended because Erika is pretty busy. So don't get all hot and bothered because we didn't give Dan week as much time as the other members lol. Well I think thats all for now if you went to see Erik, Dan, and Trevor at the NBA Hoop It Up in Orlando last weekend please send us your encounter because we would love to hear about your expierence!

September 11th, 2003
7:48pm CST
Today marks the 2nd anniversary of the terrorist attacks on America. I would like to send a prayer out to the families and friends out there who lost a loved one and also a prayer to our nation to remain strong.:)

I apologize for not updating Dan week the last coupls days. Between work and home life, it's been nuts! My son just started 2nd grade and I feel like I'M the one back in school because there is just so much stuff they send home the first couple weeks! And a couple months ago, I won an eGO electric scooter from a local radio station and I finally got it yesterday so my household has been kinda psyched about it! No that I have ridden it but it's cool! So anyway, enough about my personal life!! I am going to extend Dan week! So here's your LAST chance to email me at to tell us why you like Dan. In the meantime, here is an awesome pic of Dan the man!


September 10th, 2003
11:35pm CST
Hey guys! Well I just updated the layout a little...nothing really cool I wish O-Town had some nice new photos that I could work with but you know how that goes. Anywho as you can see this layout consists of Dan and Erik basically because this month we celebrate both their birthdays. Anywho...tonight I happened to watch the last episode of Making The Band 2 with P. Diddy anywho they made a remark about O-Town and how when they first came out they sold over a million records and now they aren't around anymore. Those weren't the exact words but ya you get the idea and it just made me remember how much I miss O-Town.
Well some of us thought we might not be hearing from any of the guys in a while but as far as Trevor and Dan go they will be playing basketball in Orlando, FL for the NBA Hoop It Up At Disney's Wide World of Sports on September 13th and 14th at 9:00 am. For more info on this event check out the Official NBA Hoop It Up site here.

September 7th, 2003
8:35pm CST
Takin' you back...

Dan fact of the day: He was born in New Hampshire.

Thanks once again to Lorak for the use of his graphics!

10:25am CST
Here are more reasons why Dan is the man:
1. Megan (youngnhopeless222) - Dan has been my favorite member since he joined O-Town. I didn't like him just because he was cute, or I was glad Ikikah left, he just had a really good voice. I just love his voice! It's so different than anyones! and he is such a good person, even though I've never met him, but from what I've seen on MTB and I've heard that he was really nice to his fans. He's really great live, he just has this connection with the fans and its great! He also is a great musican, I love the songs he writes and I think it's so cool how he picked up on playing guitar that quick, and he's good at it! I love the other guys, but it's always been something about Dan that makes him stand out.

2. otownstalker269 - I have always loved O-town from the very begining, but they seemed to fit better when Dan came. I love him for so many reasons. His voice is amazing, and he has a huge voice range. He's and exellent song writer and really motivates the rest of the guys. He gave them the extra push when they really needed it. He is such a good person and lives life to the fullest. He is hilarious too. and really hot!

3. Felicia - I love dan not only because he looks good but because he seems responsible and loving. He gets the job done. I love to watch him dance. I'v never seen anything like it. His voice is beautiful and i can listen to it all day. He has a heart of gold thats known to the world. I love Daniel Mark Miller.

September 5th, 2003
Dan has a great fan following and here's why!:
1. Ashley427 - Dan is my absolute favorite member from O-Town because of many, many reasons. He is an amazing person inside and out. He has taught me to be me and not let people run my life. Dan has also taught me to never give up on my dreams because well, look at him, he's living proof. Dan is awesome, talented, fun-looking, handsome, spectacular, and extremely inspirational person to me. He has helped me through many of the tough times in my life also. Dan is also very special to me because of his love for Erin. I think that is SO cool that he loves someone so much. If there is one word that sums up Dan, it would have to be perfect or prefection, because he's just that. I want to thank Dan for everything he has done for me. I love you and thanks so much, Dan!

2. Amanda (fromthedamage31) - I am in LOVE with dan. No joke!! I just wanna wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Ok, Some of the reasons why I love Dan so much are; he has a very down-to-earth personality that is so admirable. And he has a to-die-for sense of humor. Most of all, one of his best qualities that has overall been recognized by the guys, is he is so motiovational. He is like their team motivator!! And that's hard to do, trust me. Dan has so much passion for what he does. You know what I mean if you've seen him in concert!! His energy on stage is contagious!! Not to mention he has the most gorgeous smile!! ;D And, of course I have to say he is HOT. Hey Dan fans, do you agree??? LoL. Best wishes to Dan & Erin. And for all those other fans that try to hate on Erin, dont! If you do, your not a true fan.

3. Kara (cheerleader_kara19)I remember a few years ago when I started to like O-Town. The one person that stood out to me was Dan not only because he was one of the hottest but because his voice is absolutely beautiful. He has a passion for music that's very strong and it proves that singing is what he wants to do and he dropped his life the moment they asked him to join. That shows you something - he's so talented in everything he does and whatever he picked to do he would have been successful and thankfully he picked to be in O-Town making many Making the Band fans very happy. I also like him because he has personality, he has a sense of humor that every man dreams about having, and he's a nice guy. He's always willing to sign autographs and just do things to make his fans happy...that's my kind of who has others come before him instead of being stuck on himself and the money he makes.

Dan fact of the day: He had braces!

-Thanks to EGabby for this link -
Here you can vote for O-Town's, "I Showed Her" as the best love song. They won second place for July and you can still vote for them and put them in first for this month!!!

We are still taking emails from all you Dan fans out there. So if you want to express your thoughts and feelings about him, please email me at Please limit your email if possible to no more than 12 sentences and include more reasons than 'he is so cute'. It's ok to put that but please elaborate a bit to make your submission more interesting.

September 4th, 2003

-Fan Encounters
-1 Dan Stationary
-1 Dan Wallpaper

HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY DAN! We hope Dan had a great day spending it with friends and family. Sorry for the delay of Dan week but I have been so busy with back-2-school. So today we will start Dan week and have a new layout up very soon. Here are some reasons why the fans love Dan:
1. Anonymous - My favorite member of O-Town is Dan because I think that's he's a great role model, and I can relate to him the best. I feel that he's the most talented singer in the group, and I'm very glad that he replaced that other member at the last moment. I can't imagine O-Town without him. He has a great personality, and is a very gifted vocalist.

2. Braceface - I like Dan because he is always willing. First of all, he was willing to come back and join the band after being cut. The band was going through a tough time then, but he stuck with them. He also was very willing to learn how to play guitar and write a song. When he was writing "American Game," he was willing to make mistakes and keep learning. He had two guys help him and he pulled through to make an amazing song that should have made the albulm

3. Jordan (Ttialance) - Dan Miller has been my favorite O-TOWN member since he joined the group. I like Dan becasue he is smart and funny and he is real. He is not fake like some other celebrities. Dan also has a wonderful voice and that should be one of the reasons why he should be in the group and that he shouldn't have been picked because he was the "rebel" or "the heartthrob" he should be picked because he is talented. Dan is respectful and has a good heart and he puts his heart into his words and I envy him for that. Lots of fans (not all) always pick members that they think are cute and that is the only reason,but,even though I do admit Dan is cute, that is not the only reason that I like him. I have never met Dan or any of the O-TOWN members or been to any of their concerts, but I bet if I did get to meet Dan he would be just as nice and sweet as he is on t.v. Even though Dan is going to be married soon, even though that makes me sad, I am going to still be as loyal of a fan as I am now and that I will always be. I hope that O-TOWN continues and doesn't split apart because of certain differences and I will do anything that I can to help just like this.

-Pic of the Week

Dan fact of the day: When making the video for We Fit Together, he got seasick on the boat!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAN! Our boy Daniel is 23 today, isn't that amazing?! These past few years have flown by and Dan as well as the rest of the guys of O-Town have been a part of our lives for a while now and we have seen them all grow so much. Am I the only one that watches recorded episodes of season one of Making the Band and can't believe how young they look. Especially Dan in his huge sweater vest! Dan is such an amazing guy and I know he has brought so much joy into so many fans lives. He deserves the best and I hope his 23rd birthday is just outstanding. Dan your defiantly the man!

Yes, I know you haven't heard from me in ages but I just got my computer fixed so now I will be able to focus some what on the site even if O-Town is on break. I hope you guys like the opening graphic, since today is Dan's birthday I am gonna try my best to post some updates later on today. I think that's all for now...until next time good day!:)

September 1st, 2003
7:21pm CST
I have been busy the last couple days and tomorrow is my son's first day of school so I don't have much time today to update because we are getting everything all set. Therefore, Dan Miller week will start in the middle of the week just in time for his birthday and last a full week. Thanks for your understanding. And thanks to Lorak for the opening graphic!

August 30th, 2003
9:35pm CST
I didn't update last night because AOL really sux! So I apologize fot that! Here is the last of the Trevor emails we received:
1. Lizette - Trevor is a sweetheart! He has a big heart and a way about him that makes you melt. His charm gets you everytime. I was lucky enough to meet him twice last year and he is easy to talk to and never turned down a picture for a fan. He is also a great dancer and an energetic performer!

2. Tinabina2469 - Trevor is my favorite member because him and I have a lot in common. He is also very nice to the fans. I love to watch him perform because he gets the crowd hyped up and gets you into every song. He isn't afraid to show emotion and that's what makes him so special...because he doesn't hide what he feels. And sorry to say it but he is HOT!!!

3. Samantha - It's hard to describe Trevor in so many words. That's because when you think of him or see him, you can only do one thing and that is to smile. He's so down to earth, funny, sensitive, cute, talented, and the list goes on. He is always so determined to accomplish his goals and he believes in God to help him get there. I like his style too! Trevor, you are the best!

Trevor fact of the day: He only went to the "Making the Band" audition to give his friend support! He decided to try out when he got their and ended up making the band.

August 28th, 2003
7:53pm CST
Here are more reasons why people take a liking to Trevor:
1. Erin - I love Trevor because he is so nice to the fans! I remember how kind he was when I asked him for a hug when I met O-Town. He is so sweet and nice! That's not all the reasons I love Trevor though. He is so funny and he has a great sense of humor. I remember cracking up while whaching MTB when he was doing the Trevor Train-"Too little too late. Too little to late. The Trevor train is gonna pass you by!"

2. Nicole - I Love Trevor for so many reasons but why I think he's such an amazing guy is because he's so thankful. He doesn't take one thing in life for granted. He shows so much love to his parents, to the guys, and ESPECIALLY to the fans. He is so grateful so be doing what he loves and he wants to share with everyone what he is feeling which is AWESOME! He makes sure when he is meeting a fan he is making them as happy as possible! He has such an amazing genuine personality, not to mention he's one of the HOTTEST guys to walk the planet. But damn Trev's got soul. He stays with his beliefs and works hard and deserves the best! He isn't afraid to show his emotion and to show that he is sensitive and is not gonna hide what he feels. In a nut shell Trevor is one of the most loving people in the world, he's the type of person you'd love to be best friends with. Awesome choice with having Trevor as Guy of the Week! I Luv TP!

3. Miranda - This is why I LOVVVEEEE Trevor. He's not afraid to show his emotions, even on MTB. Hes so0o0o0o0o cute that i just wanna hug him every time I see him. I dunno what else to say but if you read this Trev....I LUV YA!

Trevor fact of the day: He only wears underwear when he is performing.

Gotta love him!

August 26th, 2003
6:35pm CST
Trevor is such a likable guy and here's why!:
1. Erin - Trevor has and will always be my favorite member of O-Town. Just to see him live in concert can explain why. Standing in the crowd, anyone can notice how much he is into what he is doing. The joy he puts into his singing and dancing is a joy someone only finds when they are truly doing what they love to do the most. His stage presence is always one to watch, whether he is making eye contact with the fans or joking around with the guys. Being a member of O-Town has brought the best out in Trevor and he is obviously enjoying every minute of it. He definitely stands out in my eyes (and the hot muscles don't hurt either!) Trevor is an absolute inspiration to anyone who wants to achieve their dreams and reach for the stars.

2. Sommer (BsBPHAN2) - Ever since the first season of Making the Band Trevor has been my favorite. He is just so charismatic and sensitive. Sensitive men just have a great quality I can't describe. Trevor is the only person at of the 8 original MTB people that I truly believed should be in the group. He just deserved it since the beginning because he's such a great person!

3. OTownStalker269 - I love trevor for many reasons. He is so nice to his fans and he treats them so nicely and makes our day. He is so nice to every one he meets. He isnt afraid to show his emotions. He let me noe that its ok to express how you feel. He is an amazing dancer and a beautiful voice and a great sense of humor.

Trevor fact of the day: He was class president in high school.

August 25th, 2003
7:45pm CST
Here is what the fans think of Trevor:
1. Nicole (skrobs) - I like Trevor because he was genuinely grateful for making the band. He is not afraid to show his emotions and he has such a huge heart. He always takes the time to make who ever he is hanging out with feel so special He gives the most amazing hugs. Trevor is just an all around Class A guy. He deserves all the happiness in the world.

2. Katie (littlehorn66) - Trevor is definitely my favorite member of O-town for many reasons. First and foremost, he's adorably cute :) Afro or no afro, he's still got the cutest face ever! Second, he's got an amazing voice. His voice isn't over-powering, and its not too soft....its just kind of gentle and airy....SEXY!! Haha. Next is just his attitude in general. He's got such a great personality with his family values, his spirituality, and just the way he acts towards the fans. He's got definite energy on the stage and really knows how to move his bootay!!!

-Pic of the Week
Trevor fact of the day: He loves the musical "Rent". He says he'd love to play Benny and whenever he's in New York he tries to go see a show.

6:55pm CST
Trevor week was suppose to start yesterday but our host was acting up. Everytime I logged on and clicked on a page to update, it would freeze. So we will start Trevor week today. (I will have it started in a couple hours.) Please email me your thoughts on Trevor to so we can post them on the site this week.

August 23rd, 2003
10:17pm CST
Today marks the end of Jacob week. Starting tomorrow, we will have Trevor week (YAY!!!!) so please email me at and tell us why you love Trevor and we will post it on the site. We don't have anymore Jacob emails :( so we will end his week with a fact of the day and an old pic of him!
Jacob fact of the day: When Ashley, Erik and him where on Lou Pearlman's boat he fell overboard! The cameras where still rolling but he demanded it to be cut out!

Here's Jacob replying to the photographer's request of "give me sexy"! lol

August 22nd, 2003
9:20pm CST
Here are more emails from fans and their thoughts on Jacob: (By the way, you can still email to send in your emails about Jacob.)
1. Stephanie ( - I love Jacob because he is the most un-steryotypical band member in O-town. He has a great look, voice and a great song writing ability (American Game...HELLO!) He just stands out to me and I respect him a lot. He doesnt seem to be the type of a guy that would be in a boyband but that brings an edge/specialness to O-town.He wasnt afraid to get married to his true love Janie, risking fan fall out...he went right along and went with what he truly wanted, and he still does. I wish him the best of luck in his life with Janie and his career.

2. Diana (purplysis) - I don't have a favorite member, but I do want to write a little bit about Jacob. I think he is a very special person because of his loyalty. He is always true to what he believes and he won't back down for anyone. He isn't afraid to give his opinion even if it isn't the popular one. He has so much talent and never wastes it. He works really hard to be the best he can be and he doesn't seem to take any of that for granted. He definitely deserves to be at the top.

Jacob fact of the day: One of his favorite cereals is Apple Jacks.

As for the rumors going around about the guys getting dropped from their label...I personally haven't heard any confirmed news. So if you CONFIRMED news and can prove it, you can send us an email. (Use form below.) We know they have not been happy with J Records but even if they were to get dropped, that doesn't mean they will break up. They can always get picked up by a different label. And to be honest, they shouldn't wait to get dropped! They should leave J Reocrds on their own and find a label who will care about them! LOL.

August 21st, 2003
7:59pm CST
Hey everyone. Sorry there were no updates yesterday but AOL sucks!! I kept getting kicked off like a minute after I logged on so it got very aggravating. Anyways, we are getting no emails from fans speaking about their fave members. We are still in Jacob week for which we are still taking submissions. And, we also need emails from you Trevor and Dan fans! So please email me at right away!! Tell us why they are your faves!

Jacob fact of the day: He used to belong to a group called Primary Focus.

August 19th, 2003
9:21pm CST
Why fans like Jacob:
1. Brittany (stopimantisocial) - Jacob's a unique person. I absoloutley love his style, sense of humor, beliefs, talent and especially his attitude. It's nice having one member in the group be so independent and do things his own way. I love reading articles about Jacob and what he does, how he does it, etc. The clothes he wears are only what's on the outside. He doesn't dress like the majority of males age 20-30 do, he has his own sense of style and I love that. It's more rock than pop and I'm more of a rock girl so I can see why I like Jacob so much out of the rest of the group. Jacob brings a lot to the group making himself stand out. It's nice seeing Jacob bring so much diversity to the group, he surprises us all everytime he changes something about his look. In the first season of Making the Band I started to like him, but when he came back for the second season and had his dreads and a set of painted black fingernails, I knew he'd be my favorite in every way.

2. Jen (OTGRL5123) - My favorite member has always been Jacob. he is determined, hardworking, dedicated, and so much more. I think his strong opinions and ideas as well as his devotion carried the group and helped to get them as as far as they have come. I also respect his sprituality and his loyalty to Janie. he is overall an amazing person and one of my favorite people in the whole world. being the hottest guy in the world is just an added bonus!!

3. Debbie (O-townoldie) - Jacob is my favorite member. From day one, he has been the backbone of the group. He held everyone together. I hated him at first, but now I understand him. He has also added a rock element to the group. His look is great. He took the group from a boy band to an "anything goes" band. I like that he is a Christian and isn't ashamed of it. I love his drive and determination. My vote is for Jacob.

Jacob fact of the day: He used to make guitars before he joined O-Town.

August 18th, 2003
7:30pm CST
Something happened with my aol mailbox and I lost some emails from fans about their favorite member for the member of the week thing we are doing. So I basically need emails from people out there whose faves are Jacob, Dan, or Trevor. Please send your emails to me at ASAP so that I can post them on the site. Thanks! (Erika)

Jacob fact of the day: He originally wrote "Take Me Under" for Janie when they were NOT together.

If anyone has footage or pictures from Saturday night's show, please email me at thanks!

August 17th, 2003
9:29PM CST
Today is the start of Jacob week at the O-TFP. Here are a few emails from fans who adore Jacob:
1. Emily (apang3lsfavgirl) - Jacob is a true inspiration to me, and I admire him for the person that he is and has become. He is very honest, humble, and true to himself. He is thankful for every opportunity that has been presented to him in his life, which made me come to the conclusion of how much of a real person he is. He has made me realize how important it is too be an individual and to be yourself. He stands up for what he believes in and doesn't let anyone tell him otherwise. He has inspired me in my spiritual and religious life and shown me to be happy in the skin that I am in. He has made me realize that every day should be lived to the fullest, because you never know when your last day will be. I think I am a stronger person, because of how he lives his life, and he has made me want to be a better person. I think most of all, what I admire the most is he put his mind and devoted his time to music, and never gave up, even once and because of that, he ended up succeeding. That has made me realize that if you put your mind and your heart into something that you desire so much and never give up, but put up with the fight and all the curve balls that life throws your way, you will succeed and your dreams will come true!

2. FreekOfNature269 - I like Jacob for a number of reasons. Mainly because he has such talent and is so dedicated to what he is doing that it shows aspiring performers/artists what a true musician should be like. Also he is such a kind and caring person and takes so much time, along with the rest of O-Town, to stay around and talk to fans when they meet them just in the street that it shows how is grateful for where he has got to and how much he appreciates his fans. He is the inspiration for many people and i wish him all the best in the future.

3. Kuin (kuin_town) - Jacob's my fave member because I think he's real, he speaks his mind and he believes in God. He has a great voice and he plays guitar, he's a real musician. I admire him cuz he's a real musician and he doesn't pretend to be someone he isn't. He doesn't care about what people think about him and he's real. Hope I meet him someday, that's why I'm going to be living in the US for 1 year hoping to meet Jacob!

Jacob fact of the day: He believes that a true artist writes their own music, anyone else is just an entertainer.

-Pic of the Week

We have heard that the O-Town show last night in Orlando was an emotional one. A lot of fans were confused about what happened. I wasn't there so I can't elaborate but some of the guys became tearful. Is it the end for O-Town? Or were they just sad that the tour was over and they wouldn't be interacting with the fans as much? I can't really say. If anyone knows the gossip, let us know!! Some people who were there have been hittin' us on the tag board with some info so check that out as well.

August 16th, 2003
We have only one more email for Erik week:
1. Lindsay (IrishAngelindsay) - The reason why Erik-Michael is my favorite, is not because he's hot,(not that he isn't, lol) or because I feel like I've been through what he's been through with his father, (cause I haven't) but because of his amazing stage presence! The 1st time I saw the guys up close in a concert I couldn't believe it! He was was so aweseome! Just the emotion and heart he puts into every preformance he gives can simply bring tears to my eyes. Especially the 1st time I saw him sing I Showed Her! Granted Erik has a lot of other uniqe and great qualities that also make him my favorite but mainly seeing him perform is what makes me like him the most.

Erik fact of the day: His favorite band is Boyz II Men and he says their music inspires him.

Thanks to everyone who participated and/or enjoyed Erik week. Tomorrow we go on to Jacob so if you want to share with us your good feelings about him and what makes him special to you, email me at

11:22AM CST
Today is O-Town's last show on this summer tour. They are in Orlando today so am sure they will put on the show of a lifetime. If you are attending, have a good time for me! Today is the last day of Erik week but we still need some emails from Erik fans telling us your heartfelt thoughts about him. So email me today at :)

August 15th, 2003
9:11PM CST
First I would like to send a shout out to everyone who lost their power yesterday. I hope everything gets back to normal for those out east and in Canada. :)

Erik week is soon coming to a close but we need a few more emails from you guys telling us why Erik is your favorite. Email me at by tomorrow night. Your email should be no longer than 12 sentences and have more reasons than Erik is hot. The best of 6 will be used on the site.

Why I Like Erik:
1. cassie245 - Erik has a way about him that draws attention to him. And you get so intrigued by him that you focus your attention to what he says or what he is singing about. His charisma, his smile, his pitch, these are all qualities that make him stand out. He says what is on his mind and takes a stand because he believes in himself and that makes you believe in him. I like him in concert because he shows so much emotion when he sings loves songs. Watching/hearing him sing makes you fall in love with him all over again each time!

Erik fact of the day: He used to work at K-Mart.

Don't you just wanna hug him?!

In closing, I would like to thank Lorak for all of his help. He has made us some great graphics to use and we appreciate his support and participation. Thanks so much! Also, the next member of the week is Jacob. I have previously collected emails from fans on why he is their favorite but we need about 15 more. So send us your thoughts on Jacob to by this weekend.

August 14th, 2003
8:15PM CST
Sorry I didn't update anything for "Erik" week last night. I had some problems with AOL and it was acting up so I couldn't do anything.
As Erik week continues, more fans want to speak their mind about how they feel about him!

1. Courtni (xocourt)- Why is Erik my fave member? Erik is my favorite member out of everyone of O-Town, besides the fact that he is hot, he is also a very talented and sweet guy. Every episode of Making the Band, Erik was the one that always made me laugh the most. Every time I see pics of Erik, he always puts a wide smile on my face. Hes a very talented singer and writer and has a wonderful sense of humor. One day, I truly hope that I can meet him & hope to go to my 6th O-Town concert in the near future. How can you resist that "Nuyorican" face?

2. EGabyy22 - I like Erik 'cause he's really nice with the fans and he's really cute. His lips are the best he can even be a model for any lip gloss company... and plus he's half Puerto Rican so I have 2 represent my culture since I'm Hispanic so I think I have 2 represent. And he's really cool cause he's down 2 Earth he doesn't think that he's the big star and all those things so that's another reason why I like him. Even 1 quote of him says it - "We aren't trying 2 be big stars. We are just trying to have big hearts." So I love Erik and I think he's the best!!

3. laris (angelic_me_13) - In the begining Erik wasn't my favorite but he has become my favorite probably because of his realisticness. He tells you his opinion and he seems like he has had more life experience than the other guys (not that their naive or anything) maybe because of the whole thing with his father. He shows all sides of himself happy, sad, mad, funny... you know how he's feeling. You can also see how passionate he is. I was at the August 4 concert and every moment that he was on stage I stood in awe of him (don't get me wrong their all amazing he just stands out). There are my reasons and I hope the all know how they have touched so many people.

4. chelsea (otownstalker269) - I love Erik for many reasons. He has such an unbelievable voice and passion for music and songwriting. He wont let anything get in the way of pursuing his dreams. He has so much charisma and is so down to earth. He would do anything for his fans to make us feel special. Even though I only met him once, I honestly feel like he is one of my friends. He is so funny and taught me it's OK to be yourself, and to stop worrying about what other people think. I love Erik so much and I always will.

5. Nikki (all4erik7) - To Erik: I never knew that a dream could come true...until I've watched you. How normal people like me could live their dream. Off of you I learn how to work hard in order to succeed. I saw how you put your blood sweat and tears into everything you do. That is the main reason why I look up to you. Before I didn't want anyone to read my poems and songs...but you showed me unless I try nothing could go wrong. Now I'm recognized for the talent that I really never knew I had. If it wasn't for you...I would've continued to be sad...just sitting there not knowing how to pursue my dream. I learned from you just by watching TV. So I got up and woke up from dreaming about how life could be and turned my dream in to reality. I'm inspired by everything you do... and I just want you to know that I thank God that you are in my life...and that I love you.

Erik fact of the day: Before the boys' first TRL appearance, Erik saw his father for the first time.

August 12th, 2003
7:15PM CST
Erik has so many fans and they want everyone to know why!:
1. samlouise52 - I like Erik Michael because he has sooo much talent and when he sings you know it comes from his heart (I know the others do to) but you can tell in his eyes that he loves what he does. He also is funny and likes to joke around and he doesn't care what everyone thinks of him he just goes ahead and does it. Look at the hair cut he had with the mohawk. he didn't care what people said he just went ahead and done it. And that inspires me to go out and do what I want and not worry about what other people say or think.

2. Kelly (ashleyparkerangel_8_1_81) - I love Erik's style. It is always changing so when I see the group perform, I never know what to expect. I also love his voice. His range is so awesome and it is always getting better and better. I'm always blown away by his performance.

3. Neetu (perfect455) - The reason that I like and admire Erik is because he is a good singer and he is like a role model to me being born in New York and his family problems and all I can relate in many diffrent ways. I also admire him because he is so talented and i think he has a great voice with a lot of passion. And he is a very good looking guy who I believe is talented and driven and that is why he is my favorite.

A lil ol' school Erik for ya!

Erik fact of the day: His favorite book is Animal Farm by George Orwell.

Thanks once again to Lorak for making the opening graphic!

August 11th, 2003
8:30PM CST
Here are a few more reasons why fans adore Erik:

1. Lindsay (mosersgirl) - My favorite member of O-Town is Erik-Michael Estrada, because not only is he sweet and charming, but he has a wonderfull soul. Erik doesn't let the fact that he is Italian and Puerto Rican get in the way of his dreams, he is proud of his background. Erik believes that everyone is beautiful. Not only is this amazing about Erik, but he is inspirational and talented. Erik's voice can melt you in seconds. He always does his best for the fans and will go all out for them. Erik is an amazing person and an all around nice guy. Erik followed his dreams and is successful in many ways.

2. Michelle (supremeo2) - Why Do I Love Erik-Michael? Well Because He's An Amazing Man With So Much Talent And Determination. From What I See He Is The Most Sweetest Man And He Has Helped Me Get Through Some Very Rough Times In Life. I've Often Tried/Thought To Kill Myself And Just Listeing To Him Made Me Stop. Cause He Is So Full Of Life And It Made Me Realize That Mine Is Worth Living Also. He's Just One Of A Kind And That's Why I Love Erik-Michael Estrada.

3. ERiKzOtOwNcHiCa - Erik-Michael is my favorite member of O-town because he is a truly gifted performer. I love the way he sings with emotion and the way he pours his heart and soul into the songs he performs. He is a truly inspiring performer; he has a beautiful voice that touches my heart every time I hear it, he has great stage presence and charisma, he is an amazing songwriter and overall just a great artist. He is always striving to be the best and thats one of his greatest qualities. Another one of his great qualities is his ability to stay humble and down to earth. Even after achieving all this fame, it is evident that Erik has not forgotten about where he came from and those who helped him get to where he is today. He appreciates all that has been given to him and he never takes this experience for granted. Erik is an amazing person!

Erik fact of the day: He went to the same high school as P. Diddy .

August 10th, 2003
6:00PM CST
Today is the start of Erik-Michael week. We will start with some emails from fans telling us why Erik is their fave member. Following that you will see a couple of updates.

1. cherrigirl12 - Erik-Michael Estrada is my favourite O-town member. Why you may ask? Well why not? I realize that in the beginning he seemed like a little bit of a jerk at times but he also seemed sweet and caring. We witnessed a hard time for him on Making the Band, when his grandmother died and his biological father made contact with him but he remained the nice, caring, sweet guy we all know he is through the entire tragic situation. I know I couldn't help but feel sorry for this sweet and sensitive guy having his personal life shown to countries all over the world. During the whole MTB experience Erik showed us compassion and sincerity. He doesn't look too bad either. Erik-Michael Estrada is obviously just an all round good guy.

2. Joanna (ShiningStar956) - Erik-Michael Estrada has inspired me to do great things. His passion and dedication for wiritng and performing music gives me the passion and dedication to achieve my goal of songwriting. His courage and strength to overcome problems with his biological father gave me the strength and courage to overcome similar problems with my family and friends. His voice is amazing and his determination is one of a kind. He is truly an angel sent from heaven.

-Pic of the Week

Erik fact of the day: He won a music scholarship when he graduated high school.

Thanks to Lorak for making the opening graphic.

August 9th, 2003
10:45PM CST
Today is the last day of Ashley week so here are the last 3 emails we have on why the fans like Ashley:
1. Victoria (awsomechick1987) - I really can't describe in words why I love Ashley so much. He just has so many good qualities his voice (obviously)the fact he can play intruments and dance. Ohh and his acting ablities. Longshot ruled! He is just all together VERY talented not to mention hot ;)You can feel the emotion in his voice when he sings. He also writes AWESOME songs that the whole world should listen to! This email would be longer if I could find more descriptive words for Ashleys GREATNESS but I can't so peace - luv ya O-town and their fans are the best.

2. BerriSprinklez - There are a million good things that I could say about this one special individual, Ashley Angel. I could also talk all day about him but I will make my point quick. He is one of the most talented people out there in the music world. He knows what he wants and he also does all he can to acheive it. When you watch O-town live in concert, Ashley just stands out. There's a twinkle in his eyes and the smile of a truly blessed person. Its a blessing itself to be able to watch him sing and perform the songs that he's written on his own. He has pursued the dream of singing and I know he will be a great actor if he choses to go in that direction in the near future.

3. gigi24 - Ashley is an absolute angel. When you meet him, he gives you all of his attention as though you are the only ones in the room. He is a triple threat too...a great singer, dancer, and actor. I hope he stays in this business a long time because this is where he belongs. I love to watch him perform because his stage presence is so natural. Ashley is an all around good person and he deserves nothing but the best!

Ashley fact of the day: He's the messiest in the group.

Thank you for your participation in Ashley Angel week. Tomorrow we will move on to Erik. We hope you have enjoyed our little tribute to Ashley because we had fun doing it.

August 8th, 2003
11:53PM EST
Hehe, I know you haven't heard from me in quite a while, but just thought I'd drop by and change the layout. Since time is a scarce these days, it seems that my role here at otfp will now be pretty much just centered around making and helping with layouts, so hope you like this one.

9:00pm CST
Ashley week is coming to a close on Saturday so we have to prep for the next member of the week which is: Erik. We need about 5 more submissions on WHY ERIK IS YOUR FAVE MEMBER. The submission should be about 10-12 sentences and sincerely explain why you like Erik. Only emails sent to will be accepted. And you must put ERIK as the subject. But since there are two more days of Ashley week, here is today's update:

Here is why these fans like Ashley:

1. saddlebredgurl - Ashley is my favorite member of O-Town for many reasons. One is that he has an amazing talent not only as a singer but also as a songwriter. He proved that talent by co-writing 4 songs on O-Town's second album, O2. Another is with his singing talent, he shows that he can harmonize well in a group as well as solo shown in the solos the guys performed in many of their shows. He also can really get the crowd hyped during concerts. Yes Ashley may be cute, but to me there is much more to the blonde heartthrob of O-Town.

2. Rachael (AshleyAO2HotGuy) - My name is Rachael and I'm 14. Ashley is my favorite out of the group because he is down to earth, sweet, caring, HOT, a great singer, song writer, actor and he is always there for his fans he loves us (LOL)! Same like the other guys from o-town but he is just so uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.............. I can't explain but we all know what I mean. He's a great guy that has the brains, the looks, and the singing/acting skills that just makes my heart melt away! Ashley is very passionate about what he does and thats good that he loves what he does as pursuing the music career. Ashley adores us fans and that's great too :) ! I wish Ashley and o-town the best of LUCK IN THE FUTURE! I LOVE Ashley so much and I always will!

3. Kelohe88 - Ashley is just simply amazing. He always seems to have a smile on his face which makes me just want to smile too. He is such an awesome live performer, he makes the stage come alive. He loves what he does, and is willing to whatever it takes to succeed. Ashley, like I said, is just simply amazing and that's why I love him!

Ashley fact of the day: He fell asleep during the recording of One Heart so Dan got Ashley's part of the song.

Thanks again to Lorak for the opening graphic of Ashley!

August 7th, 2003
9:00pm CST
Here are 2 more reasons why fans admire Ashley:

1. Sarah (danceluver_205) - My favorite O-Town member is Ashley. While Making the Band was airing we all got to see the real O-Town, not just the singers, but the people. Ashley seems to show great love for his family and friends, which I love! He's like the guy that every girl would dream of. He's cute, sincere, trusting and loving. I personally think that his singing talents are remarkable. He's got a pure voice, it doesn't sound like he's trying too hard, it just sounds, well...good. I also cant forget to mention his acting ability, I think that after O-Town... we will definitely be seeing Ashley on the big screen! It may seem that Ash takes the "cute Californian boy" role of the group, but to true O-Town fans we know that he's so much more! We love you Ash!

2. Jaden (sydneybasden) - I hear tons of girls say that Ashley is their favorite because he's "so cute!" and it kind of irks me. Not only because they're young and are just evolving with the music of their time, but because they don't see the raw talent that's behind, not just Ashley, but behind every member of O-Town. But Ashley...there's that something that intrigues me about him. It has to be his passionate nature and his artistic song writing, because although I am pretty deep for 14, he has this lyrical depth that amazes me. He's been in a whirlwind of photo shoots and promo tours since he was 18, and now he's almost 22, and he has remained down to earth, funny, and still contained that aura that tells you that his songs are a reflection of his life. I sit here, writing this, and I think about how he has inspired so much of me to be a performer, whether it be acting, singing, or dancing, and I am motivated to do the things he does because he's touched something inside of me that I think was always there, but I never let surface 'til now. I just hope that we can save O-Town so other girls (and guys) like me can have a chance at a dream.

Ashley fact of the day: He was last in line at the audition for O-Town.

August 6th, 2003
7:23pm CST
3 more emails received from fans and why they like Ashley:

1. Erin - I love Ashley because he is really nice and sweet. He gives all he has to help people and his fans. It's because of him that I play the piano and try my best to get it right. He's taught me to be a better and caring person. He'll treat someone who he doesn't even know like a great friend that he's known for a really long time. That's how he treated me when I met him and the guys. Ashley has a great sense of humer and is really funny, he just makes you laugh so much!

2. DramaLlama - He was the member that has changed the most since the first episode of Making the Band, in that way, he is A LOT like me! The first day I watched Making the band I knew right away that he had talent, and he does! He has a GREAT stage presence and really performs for the auidence and you can completely tell that he enjoys every last second of it! Not only that, but he was the only one on the entire show who sang their OWN song for the try out, that right there tells you how serious he is about this industry. He was the only one who has had more than one song on their cds, and his songs are some of my favorites, I understand the depth and I can relate to all of the songs which is just another reason for me to love him all the more. Ashley would still be my favorite even if he didnt have his great looks!

3. Jenstar86 - Ashley is my favorite member for many reasons. He wrote so many of the songs on the new album and that just shows how talented he is. He also really wants to be an actor so he's trying so hard to do that as well and that's a lot to handle when you have a career like he does. I really like his attitude towards fans, what I mean is for example, I waved to him at a concert and I wasn't sure if he was nodding and pointing at me, but he kept it up until he knew I knew he was looking at me which was sweet. I like his personality, watching making the band and all the things he did had me laughing. He seems like the nicest guy ever and I would love to meet him any day! Plus Ash and the rest of them are my Idols.

Ashley fact of the day: The item that is most dear to his heart is his journal that his started when he made the eight.

This post was made by: Erika

August 5th, 2003
6:15pm CST
The chat room is temporarily closed due to the fact that a lot of people are posing as others and getting people into trouble. Come on guys...this is getting out of hand and is very petty. So it will be closed until we find a new chat room where a login and password are required. If you know of any nice ones, please email us at Thanks!

3 more emails received from fans and why they like Ashley:

1. Katie (blue_eyes8184) - I love Ashley because he loves to perform. You can see it in his eyes on stage, making eye contact with the crowd, hyping them up, dancing around, pointing to different people in the audience...he loves the whole aspect of performing live. He wants to make the fans a part of the show and in some way, let them know that he apperciates their love and support. He's always the one taking the time just to sign one more autograph for someone before or after a show. I love it when he always asks the fans, "Would you like a hug?" and his eyes just light up, knowing that he will be making a fan's day very special. He also loves to write songs. It's something he's always had a passion for and was so happy to be able to finally do on the O2 album. He thinks it's very important for artists today to be able to write their own song as well as play their own instruments. He didn't want O-Town to be classified as just as another "boyband"...he wanted them to be taken seriously by critics and the best way to do that was to do something that many pop groups don't do. Ashley will always have a special place in my heart for being one of the kindest most talented people in the music business today.

2. Speedygirl50 - To: Ashley Angel.....Angel: A kind and lovable person. One who manifests goodness, purity, and selflessness. That's the dictionary's definition of an Angel. My definition is a guy from a small city, with one dream. One dream that can change his life forever. With the name of an angel, the face of an angel, and most importantly the voice of an angel.

3. Vanessa - My favorite member is soooo Ashley!! I do love all the guys in O-Town though. Ashley is my fav because he is such a good guy. Like he is such an awesome singer. I mean contributing so many songs to 02 and playing the piano and guitar in most of them is amazing I think. He is also such a good person. I mean not that I know him personally, but everything I have read and watched about him is just so good-hearted - if that makes any sense?!?! And last, and I know everyone will agree, he is just such a cutie!! lol!! So that is why Ash is my favorite out of O-Town, and always will be no matter what!

Ashley fact of the day: He tried out for the voice of Simba in the Lion King.

Thanks to heavenli for today's opening graphic of Ashley!

Ain't he cute??

This post was made by: Erika

Hey everyone! I just saw O-Town! I was at the Bethlehem concert last night. It was awesome! Since I'm this huge video collector, I am desperatly seeking footage from that show, or any other that they've done recently. Please email me at Also, check out my new stuff at the Trade and Sell Page. Thanks guys!

August 4th, 2003
7:20pm CST
Here are more emails we received from fans and why they like Ashley:

1. GcSrIoTgRl119 - I LOVE Ashley because he has a good head on his shoulders, he knows where he wants to go and what he wants in life and knows that he can do anything if he puts his mind to it and there aren't a lot of people like that in the world and I also LOVE him because he just has that atmosphere around him that makes him such a great guy and from watching him on MTB, with every episode I watched, I could tell he was really into what he was doing and knew where he was in the band and worked really hard on his music and dance moves and i watched him (and everyone else) closely and I realized that in order to do wut I wanna do(sing and dance in a group or solo) I gotta work hard and do what I think is right no matter what any one else tells me thats why I LOVE Ashley. :)

2. ashleyparkerangel_8_1_81 - Ashley is my favorite member. He is just all around full of goodness. He stands out more then another member to me. He has great style, he's a phenomenal dancer, and I am always really impressed by his singing. But I really love the fact that he is also going after his dream of acting. No one else in the group has so that really sets him apart from everybody else. I really hope to see him even after O-Town because he is great at everything he does.

3. ashley427 - Ashley has done a lot for me. When I saw him on "Making The Band", I knew he would make it. He has an amazing voice, he can play the piano and guitar and can dance very well. It's just not that. He is a positive person and has taught me to never give up on my dreams. Just look at him, he's living proof! I listen to O-Town's music everyday because I love hearing his voice and he just pulls me into a different world where it is just him and I. Ashley is a compassionate, upbeat, amazing, talented, and inspirational person who has changed my life for the better. I want to thank him from the bottom of my heart for all he has done and given me. Thanks, Ash!

Ashley fact of the day:He was born the same day MTV was launched.

August 3rd, 2003
8:19pm CST
Here are a few emails we received from fans and why they like Ashley:

1. SetsunaPlutoRod - Ashley is my favorite member of O-town. I can't really explain why, something about him draws me to him. He's kind of like the icon of perfect in my head for a strange reason. Everything about him just seems so great and surreal, to the point where I kind of idolize and wish to be like him. He's also a multi-talented person and I think he's awesome.

2. Jamie (otownlovergurl9) - I love Ashley for so many reasons. He is awesome at everything he does. He is a great singer/songwriter, actor, and overall musician. He always brings liveliness to the stage, and has a great stage presence. He sings from his heart, and tries his best at everything. Ashley also really inspires so many people. He is such a great person to talk to at a meet and great, and will listen intently to everything you say. He loves to do meet and greets, and talk to his fans, which is such a nice thing. Next, he is so funny sometimes. Whether it is intentionally or not he is hilarious. He is such a great person, and he loves to do what he is doing. Ashley is really serious about his life as a musician.

3. Kayla (OtownzHunnie8181) - I admire Ashley because he is so ambitious. He won't let anyone stop his dreams of being an actor...or a singer for that matter. He's very optimistic from what I see and he's easy to get along with. He's just an all around great guy. Ash seems to glow! He also has such a strong passion for what he does and he does it SO well! He seems so perfect, it's little scary, huh? I just love Ashley so much and wish him the best of luck!

-Ashley Angel Pic of the Week - Old school pic!!
-Ashley Angel Poll

Ashley fact of the day: He sang "Picture on My Wall" for his MTB audition.

Thanks to for this great award for Best Website Content and Best Website Layouts. We appreciate the honor!

And thanks to Lorak from Poland for making the cute opening graphic of Ashley!

2:55pm CST
*With me being so busy lately, I TOTALLY FORGOT that our website turned 3 years old on July 29!! I can't believe I let that one slip by me, lol! Thanks to every single person out there who has made our site a success and for making it fun for the last 3 years. We have been through a lot and even when the chips were down, a lot of you stood by us. We know we haven't been on top of things as much as say in the first year, but we always do the best we can and many of you have been nothing but understanding to that. Thanks again to everyone who has helped us out in any way and we hope you will continue to stand by us!! Happy 3rd Birthday O-TOWNFANPAGE!!!
*In the last couple weeks, we asked you to tell us who is your fave member and why. We did this because we are doing a member of the week thing on the site starting today with ASHLEY. But we need a few more entries. I "closed" the participation process last week because I thought I had enough but I had to change the rules a little because I got really busy and didn't think I could post all of the entries on time. But now I see I need about 10 more entries for ASHLEY ONLY! So if Ash is your fave, send me an email with no more than 12 sentences and put Ashley as the subject. Tell us why he is your fave in more words than just "I love him" or "He is so cute". Thanks! I will post the updates for "Ashley" week by the end of the day.

August 1st, 2003
7:51pm CST
HAPPY 22ND BIRTHDAY ASHLEY!! Wish Ashley a HB on the tag board or go to the chat room to talk to other fans. We all hope Ashley has a great birthday spending it with his family and friends! Have you ever given Ashley a gift for his birthday or any occassion?? Tell us all about it in the chat room!