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*August 1st 2011*
Word on the Street: O-Town has reunited! With the exception of Ashley whose birthday is today by the way!
Question of the week:Are the boys really getting back together?
Answer: See statement above!
On Tour: Coming soon, hopefully.
On TV: None
click HERE to see if O-Town is on TV today!
O-Town Lyric of the Day: "I let my pride take me far away from the only woman I loved." -I Showed Her
O-Town Quote of the Day: "I consider it a gift from God that we have the ability to make people smile, especially in times when everyone wants to cry." -Jacob

August 1st, 2011
O-TOWN IS BACK SO SO ARE WE. Well, Kinda. O-Town announced some time ago that the band will be reuniting, minus Ashley Parker Angel.(Happy birthday to Ashley, BTW!) And as far as the O-Town Fan Page, I, Erika, have thought of doing a little updating on the site. But it has been over 5 years since I have done so and it just took me more than 10 minutes to figure out how to even get into my site! I have not yet contacted other members of this site if they plan on returning for updates. But we are all busy so let's just thank Facebook and Twitter for updates directly from the guys or other O-Town fans.

My HTML skills have also fallen short and many of our links are no longer valid due to 3rd party websites who have hosted certain pages. But this site has never shut down so that the fans will always have a place to go to if they wanted to reminisce by way of pictures and news.

TWITTER is the place to go to follow the guys as they begin to reunite and start going back to the studio. You can follow the guys at Twitter.com

TREVOR PENICK: @Trevor_Penick
DAN MILLER: @danmillerotown

Ashley Parker Angel has said he will not be joining the group as he is pursuing other options. But he can also be found on Twitter: @ParkerAngel

Please contact me if you have any questions about the website or anything O-Town related. I may not be the most knowledgable at this point but I can definitely do my best to find out what is going on! I hope this website has brought back memories to all the fans and hopefully we can get some new fans to jump on board to what is known as the best O-Town website! My email is erika2417@yahoo.com and you can follow me on twitter at @erika2417. I do not accept friend requests via Facebook unless we have had a history of a real friendship through O-town or other reasons. Please do not be offended if you find me on Facebook and I do not accept you. And I no longer use my Myspace page!

January 9th, 2006
Hey everyone! Ashley’s new Show "There and Back" airs TONIGHT Monday, January 9th at 10:30 PM ET/PT, 9:30 CST on MTV. He was on TRL this afternoon, talking about his career. I have that episode, plus I will have all episodes of "There and Back" available on the Trade and Sell Page. Keep checking back for updates, I will try to keep all the freshest info. posted now that so many members are staging comebacks.

December 22nd, 2005
CALLING ALL FANS!! Ashley’s Show "There and Back" airs Monday, January 9th at 10:30 PM ET/PT, 9:30 CST on MTV. It will show his struggle to make it as an artist now that he has to start from the beginning and without 4 other guys. It will feature his girlfriend Tiffany who apparently is pregnant but I don't know if the baby they showed in the commercials is theirs. Sorry I don't know much about that part! But, he does have a MYSPACE profile along with other members. Anyone know the profile for Erik-Michael?? If you are not in tune with their myspace pages, here they are:


I know we don't update as much here anymore but those myspace pages will help you keep in tune because they are updated by themselves. Send them a message, look at pics, and make new friends! And if you care, my page is: www.myspace.com/erikajay. Man, I just realized how much I miss this website and working on it. I almost cried reading everything this team put together and all the pictures we took and/or posted. I miss all my girls and I just wanna pat ourselves on the back cuz this site f-in rocks!! Those were the days...

July 26th, 2005
Ok no, I have no O-Town news. Sorry! But if anyone wants to chat with me, go to www.myspace.com/erikajay. If you have MySpace, add me as a friend. I would like to find all my old O-Town buddies esp. from Illinois. But anyone is welcome to add me. Also, if you are a BSB fan, holla! -Erika

July 14th, 2005
Here's an official release about Dan's current tour!

Boys of Summer/Girls Night Out Tour
5 HOTT artists - 3 cool nights! Work week got you down? Then call your friends and head to the House of Blues for a Girls Night Out you won't forget!

Jordan Knight (NKOTB), Jeff Timmons (98 Degrees), Dan Miller (O Town), Michael Copon (Felix on One Tree Hill) & Justin James will ROCK out 3 Southern California HOB locations. Join us in San Diego on July 13, Hollywood on July 15 & end your weekend with us at Downtown Disney's Anaheim HOB on July 17.

Go to www.hob.com for tickets and more information on this incredible tour! We'll see you at the shows!!! Be sure to pass this on... VIP tickets are also available...this is your opportunity to meet ALL the artists!

Visit www.jordanknight.com , Visit www.jefftimmonsmusic.com & www.justinjamesmusic.com for information on these great artists!

June 23rd, 2005
For everyone who still checks this site- thanks so much for sticking with us and the band. We know that our updates have been poor, but there is a lack of information to report on, and we've all been tremendously busy. But we're not the only ones, the guys have been really busy too. Here's the info we have to report:

Dan Miller confirmed that he's going to join the Girls Night Out/Boys of Summer Tour. Performers include Jordan Knight (New Kids on the Block), Jeff Timmons (98 Degrees), and Michael Copon (Felix of the hit TV show One Tree Hill). Presently, five dates in July, including shows in Denver, San Diego, West Hollywood, Anaheim, New Jersey and Hyannis, have been confirmed. Visit Inside O-Town for more info. on the tour dates.

Jacob's LOC is releasing their debut album next month!! Not only that, but they will be on tour through June and July as well. Check out their official site for details.

We'll do our best to keep you up to speed on the guys. Ashley is expected to make an announcement sometime soon regarding his debut solo album. And as info on Jacob and Dan come in, we'll post them. Thanks for the support, enjoy the summer!


January 15, 2005
Hey everyone! Happy New Year! Although there hasn't been recent developments with the band, members of the band have been extremely busy. As the guys embark on new musical projects, its great to know there is a fan base waiting for them. Ashley will be kicking off his debut solo album in the coming months, Dan is a married man and has already released songs as a producer, Jacob's band is thriving in San Diego and will be touring once their album releases, Trevor is making the rounds with his new name (Tre Scott) and his new band (Hidden Project), and Erik-Michael recently sang the National Anthem at a professional basketball game.
If you are looking for more news, please visit www.insideo-town.com. Today I have updated the Trade and Sell Page so be sure to check that out for the most recent O-Town appearances. Thanks guys!

June 29, 2004
HELLO! Remember me? Yes this is Erika, one of the never working members of this website! What can I say? But that I'm sorry for being such a bad webmistress. But I wanna say GREAT JOB to Lisa for keeping it going! (Hey, Lisa...email me cuz I am not sure what address you are using now!) Anyways, I don't have an update on O-Town...just on me. Not that anyone cares but I just wanted to explain myself. I have not given up on the guys. But between work, 3 kids, and a computer crash, I haven't been able to keep up with the guys or much of anything else for that matter! I read about Ashley and Dan and I am happy for them. Marriage is a good thing. :) Gosh, I don't even think I remember most of this HTML stuff to update anyway! But I am glad to see that some people still visit the site. I mean, there are lots of great memories here of the guys...about 4 years worth! I wish I had more time to just clean up the site even though the group is no longer together but just to keep this site going. But life is what it is and as far as mine is concerned, it is BUSY!! But I miss chattin' with you guys and hopefully I'll be back in action.

So what's new? My baby just turned one last month, I still love Joe McIntyre and saw him perform a few weeks ago, and everything else is not worth sharing so I'll go now hoping to talk to all of you again soon! Jackie Salvucci lives on forever!! LOLOLOL

June 3rd 2004
Hey guys! I'm just chillin here or atleast trying to but it's like a 110 degrees out by me, so I decided I would do a little work on the site and make another post. I read a few comments about my previous post I made about Dan. A lot of people care and wish Dan and Erin the best of luck and were happy to hear about Dan. But then I read somewhere that it was disrespectful that I posted that info. I personally don't see it that way, I mean if Dan didn't want people to know what is going on in his life after O-Town then Dan's Aunt Gayle wouldn't have shared this info with me. Gayle does check with Dan's mom to make sure she can share this stuff with me and all the fans out there. So you guys can think whatever you want. This is a fansite, one of the few left, and I am just trying to keep it alive since there are so many supporters out there still. So whatever....it's not a big deal. :)

The past week I have been getting e-mails about Trevor and we all know that he has been working on some sort of project. In fact it's called "Hidden Project" and it's his new music group. The webmaster of their official site Aja has e-mailed me and wanted me to share with you guys the site so go check it out www.hiddenproject.com. It's a great site and the best thing is it has a bunch of clips of their music. I wish Trev and the rest of the guys in the group the best of luck! It's great to see the guys getting back in action.

May 31st 2004
AHHHHH....!!!! Can we say heart attack?! I think we can cause I nearly had one when I visited Inside O-Town a few minutes ago. Our very own Ashley Parker Angel is engaged! Yes you read right! I have no idea what is going on everything is moving too fast and I feel out of the loop lol! If you go to insideo-town.com you can read the update they made that explains everything and check out some pics from Tiffany's birthday party. One of the pics that just about made me cry was this one (big props go out IO for taking this fantastic pic). If you don't know who the guy in the middle is its JACKIE SALVUCCI! Erika and I have mad history with him (R.I.P. Vi3 lol!) Speaking of engagements.... Mr. Dan Miller will wed his fiancée Erin on August 14th this summer. We know that Dan is a pretty private and laidback person so most of us might not know the background the two have but Dan's very own Aunt Gayle has shared a few things with us. "Dan and Erin met thru Showchoir competitions in High School. They attended different High Schools. They dated back then but then broke it off as each attended colleges far from each other. Dan was at University of Cincinnati and Erin went to Notre Dame. It just so happened that when O-Town came to town Erin went to a show and Dan spotted her in the audience. The rest, they say, is HISTORY! We truly believe their marriage was meant to be. They were so very happy the first time around but thought it best that since they were starting new ventures at college they would break it off. Guess it was "meant to be" !!!!!" And that is straight from Gayle herself. Also what I found interesting is that Trevor will be one of Dan's groomsmen in the wedding! How exciting!!! Marriage is a major thing so I wish both Ash and Dan the best.
Well I gotta get going but I promise there will be some updates soon I got a pretty big surprise for you guys that will involve the future of this site somewhat. Hope everybody had an awesome Memorial Day weekend and talk to you all later. ;)

May 15th 2004
It's been a couple weeks since I last posted but hey that's ok! I hope all the moms had a great Mother's Day...I DID! No I'm not a mom but it was the same day as my birthday. But enough about me....I got some great updates!

First off, last week I was contacted by Entertainment Weekly Magazine by an editor doing an article about reality tv and I tried my best to help and now the article has made it into print and is featured in the May 21st issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine. The seven page article reviews a whole bunch of moments that happened on reality tv. Making The Band was one of the many reality shows mentioned in this article. So the world of reality tv has many thanks to give to the guys of O-Town because EW Magazine listed them number 5 on the "5 Best Reality Moments" the article states:
"O-Town faces the music What could possibly top watching O-Town's disastrous performance of "Liquid Dreams" at the 2000 Miss America pageant? Try watching O-Town watch a tape of said performance on ABC's Making the Band's second-season premiere in 2001. With their heads in their hands, the prefab boy band relived the atonal horror that was blamed on faulty in-ear monitors, which caused them to sing in five different keys-none right. Moaned Jacob: "It sounds like our throats are bleeding!" A manager then twisted the knife: "Unfortunately, 15 million people saw you guys do this." -Mandi Bierly/ EW Magazine
(typed up by Lisa of OTFP)

Not the greatest article we've read about the guys but....isn't it great that people out there besides the fans still remember who O-Town is?! lol. Ok so onto better things...I know we have been hearing a few things on what the guys have been up to lately like Jacob performing in a new band called Jacob's Loc, Ashley working hard on his solo project, Trevor doing charity work and working on his own project that I still don't know what it is, and Erik out in New York. BUT WHAT ABOUT DAN?! We've heard a few things here and there but nothing recently, right? Well I got in contact with Dan's Aunt Gayle and she was so grateful to hear from us, bless her soul! She took the time out to tell me what Dan has been up to and I am here to share the info with you. Currently Dan is back home in Ohio with his family planning his and Erin's 2004 summer wedding. With Dan being home he has been able to participate in a lot of the planning of the event and has an active hand in just about every aspect. Dan loves writing songs and he has been doing that non-stop. He just had a song released on the new Natural cd which was released in Germany called "Somedays and Mondays" the lyrics to the song are HERE and you can order the cd at Amazon.de or at Amazon.com as an import. The title of the cd is "It's Only Natural." Dan has also been working with other writers and hopes to have some more work published soon. I didn't have enough time to ask more questions but I will get back to Gayle if any of you have any questions that concern Dan or the fam feel free to e-mail me at otfp_Lisa@yahoo.com Also thanks again to the wonderful Aunt Gayle and congrats to Dan on getting one of his songs published. We love ya guys!

April 25th 2004
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACOB! The O-Town Fan Page would like to wish Jacob a Happy Birthday. We hope that his 24th year on this planet is one of the best years yet! For this special occasion I added 2 new Jacob Wallpapers. Enjoy!

Since we are on the subject of Jacob I would like to take this time to ask you all on your feelings about Jacob's new chapter in his life and that is "Jacob's Loc." I am sure most of you have checked out his band's website and if you haven't you best get yourself over there by clicking on the link above! So if you would like to send in your opinion you can do so by scrolling all the way down in this window to the feedback form or sending an e-mail to otfanpage@yahoo.com. If people actaully care to share their opinions I will post them up here on the main page. I am very interested to hear what fans have to say. I know people go to message boards or what not to talk about stuff like this but I am not a message board go'er even though we have one on the site here but I don't think anyone uses that thing.

I guess I will start! I know we all have different opinions and my opinion isn't any better then the next fans just because I have this site. I have started to use this site to express myself in a way. You guys reading this are the only people I get to talk to about O-Town related stuff so you should feel special lol! Onward....ok Jacob being my favorite member of O-Town I have always felt like I have had a connection with him. When we hadn't heard about or from Jacob in the past few months it kinda hurt. I know he isn't computer savvy like Ashley or as outgoing as Trevor is when it comes to checking in with Inside O-Town but I felt like he just left his fans high and dry. I was dying to know what he was up to these past couple of months. I mean spending days relaxing in sunny, warm SoCal gets old after a while. As you may be aware of O-Town didn't make millions. So what was he doing to pay the bills I ask?! Did he go from performing in front of thousands to flipping burgers at his local In-N-Out?! Turns out that didn't happen but I mean if it did there's nothing wrong with that. Right?! Ok so a week ago I guess Trevor shared with us that Jacob has a new band and that they are performing on the 29th in Hollywood, CA. Thank God for Trev! I mean I could still be living my life thinking Jacob was bummin it in Diego every day. I can tell you when I first heard about Jacob's Loc my eyes started to tear up and when I actually listened to their songs I couldn't stop smiling.
Ok so anyways....why did Jacob decide to keep this whole thing on the down low? That's the question that keeps popping up in my head. Did he not want the support from his long time O-Town fans?! Maybe he wanted to see if he could make something out of nothing by starting from the bottom without any help from fans, former mentors, etc. He defiantly has that mentality. Jacob is a hard worker and for him to be able to get this band together and go around and shop around his demo to various record labels is a challenge. Jacob is a strong person and he is not known for taking the easy way out. Maybe Jacob didn't want to promote Jacob's Loc because he didn't and still doesn't know if things will work out. A lot of people think he doesn't want the teeny bopper following that O-Town brought. If that's the case I guess it's understandable but disappoints me. No, I don't consider myself a teeny bopper nor have I ever been called that, it doesn't fit my personality. Gawd why am I even talking about this! I hate those two words there not even in my vocabulary because they are not just two words they are two words used to make a label. Heck, a teeny bopper is me at 7 years old kissing my Jordan Knight and Donnie Wahlberg poster every night before I went to bed. Ok most of you can just ignore me on that one lol. But seriously I could careless if you used to follow O-Town around and screamed "Will You Marry Me Dan?!" or better yet "Ashley Your My Angel!" Any O-Town fan is a friend of mine lol!
Anywho....if anyone can tell me the answer as to why Jacob didn't share this whole "Jacob's Loc" thing with us like months ago feel free to e-mail me. On to the music....all I can say is I approve of the influential art. I am proud of my boy Jake and his band mates :) From what I have read they have been speaking to some record companies that are interested in signing them. Their music is only bound to get better then it already is from here on out if they sign with an independent label. I could go on and on about this whole thing but I feel like I have typed enough for one night.

If you have actually read all the above thanks for taking interest. You are a stellar superstar!

April 22nd 2004
If any of you are out in the Southern California area Trevor will be playing at the Hollywood Knights game. Saturday, April 24th, 6:00 PM at Troy High School in Fullerton. For info you can check out www.hollywoodknights.com. Hope some of you will be able to attend and share your encounter with us.

I added a few things to the site like a week or two ago but never posted it so if some of you haven't noticed already I put up some new otfp exclusive photos. Since it's already 2004 these pics are kinda old but they are worth taking a look at if you haven't seen them before. So if you are interested take a look here: 09/09/00 Pics (Chicago), 06/19/02 Pics (Peoria, IL), 06/12/03 Pics (Chicago). I swear some of these were on the site before but they must have gotten deleted or something. I also added a few pics to each members section but I am sure most of you have seen those too. Well Jacob's birthday is just around the corner so I should be making more updates. Until then I am out.

April 19th 2004
ROCK ON JACOB! JACOB IS STILL ALIVE AND BETTER THEN EVER! I know people are wondering what the heck Jacob has been up to. Well, even if you haven't I have. I am ecstatic to see him back in action with his unbelievable voice, rockin the mic. I guess Jacob decided to keep this on the downlow but I am so excited I had to make this post. Jacob is part of a new band called Jacob's Loc and you can check out the band's website here. He's doing a show at The Roxy in Hollywood, California on April 29th. The Roxy Theatre is an all ages venue. If somebody plans on attending this show please e-mail me otfp_Lisa@yahoo.com. I wish Jacob the best of luck and this site is in full support of what him and the rest of the guys of O-Town do as individuals. I will probably make another post tonight but I just wanted to get this out.

April 11th 2004
I am soooo....sorry! I feel like I have abandoned this site and O-Town. I guess since O-Town split there hasn't been much news and our mailboxes are no longer filled with e-mails from fans contributing to the site. So I guess that's basically why I haven't updated. It's really sad...well atleast for me. I have my moments once in awhile when I think about the past. I feel like I have spent the last 3 years of my life dedicated to the guys of O-Town. I know most people who visit this site must understand where I am coming from. I can remember spending my days looking forward to watching the boys on tv when their videos were played on TRL and when they were out promoting their music on various talk shows.
I can remember when I would look forward to going to concerts months ahead of the actually tour date. Man, I lived for O-Town concerts! I've been to about 10 O-Town concerts/appearances and I can truly say that I have memories from those events that will last a lifetime. Erika and I actually met for the first time in person at an O-Town concert and eventhough our lives are so different we will remain friends forever and I have O-Town to thank for that.
When O-Town was on hiatus I felt like I closed a chapter of my life maybe I just felt that way because last summer I graduated high school and then a couple months later I moved across country. I think a lot of fans have moved on. I spent some time the other day searching O-Town sites and it's sad to see that there are very few left. Overall I wish O-Town didn't have to split up but I don't think they had a choice. The music industry can be a very shady place and I don't think these music CEO's remember what it's like to be a "FAN." Maybe one day I will be able to change things until then I am currently majoring in Music Business Managment and just trying to get by. :)

Sorry I typed a novel up there but I felt like sharing my thoughts with fans. Anywho I decided we needed a new layout and this is what I came up with. I know it's nothing great but I've been away from the whole internet/computer thing for awhile and I didn't have any awesome ideas for a layout. The photos used in the layout were takin by me and Erika at the Peoria, IL concert on June 19th 2002. FYI: That day was awesome! Erika and I got to hang with Jackie Salvucci and his best bud Sal by the pool. LOL! And not only that but we got to meet O-Town again! I also made some awesome friends that day...what up Keri and Nicole!
Probably most of you reading this don't really care what I say but hey that's ok! I just hope you guys like the new look and I did do some updating and thought of a new section but I am too warn out to post everything right now. It's 2:00 in the morning soooo...that means HAPPY EASTER! I really should go, I will post everything later. Keep the O-Town pride alive! Rock on! :)

January 27th 2004
Hey everyone- sorry about the terribly wait in between updates, but we have some news! Dan Miller is producing an album for D Black. Dan knows D Black because he was the band's choreographer for a while, and now he is working on his own album. The exciting part is, he will be performing some songs written by Dan! Among them, "Easy Way" written by Dan (which he performed for his solo on their last tour) and "Death Wish" written by Dan and Erik-Michael. For more information on D Black, check out his Website.
The Trade and Sell Page was also updated and there is some new footage from their last tour, so be sure to check it out! Thanks, keep checking back!

3:00pm CST
Sorry I haven't updated in like forever. But my computer is so messed up and I am at work now. But I hope everyone had a great Christmas, Hannukah, etc. I'll try to fix things with the computer and update! -Erika

8:40pm CST
Don't forget that the Chat Room is back up n running. And check out the new Poll.

Show us your creative side. Send us a graphic expressing your feelings about the group and how they made you feel in these last few years. Please make them in JPG or GIF form only and do not make them too large. The top 10 graphics will be featured right here on the site. Send all entries to OTownsFlipChick@aol.com NO LATER THAN NOVEMBER 29, 2003.

November 21st, 2003
Hi everyone- I just wanted to mention that the Trade and Sell Page is still up and running, and now more then ever you might want to own some of O-Town's last TV appearances, interviews, meet and greets, and concerts. I also have all three seasons of Making the Band. Please contact me at playlife99@aol.com if you have any questions. Thanks everyone, have a great holiday!

November 16th, 2003
8:40pm CST
Just a quick post to wish Trevor a very Happy Birthday. I hope he is having a great time today gettin' his party on like only he knows how. And don't forget that the Chat Room is now open for discussions on the breakup, what we as fans can do to support their future endeavors and anything else that you wanna talk about!

November 11th, 2003
9:15pm CST
Yes, O-Town has broken up. You can read more about it in the NEWS section. We have opened the chat room back up so that the fans can discuss their thoughts and comments about the split. I didn't have time to find a new chat room so we will be using the same format as before which is Para Chat. I looked around some chat sites that you guys sent in but a lot were too difficult to start up. So anyway, please visit the chat room NOW to share your thoughts. Please do not "curse out" the group because although I am EXTREMELY saddened by the news, I totally support their decision and their future ventures as individuals. This site WILL NOT CLOSE!! We just renewed our domain and even though there isn't anymore O-Town, some of the guys will still be in the limelight for years to come and we will bring you all of the news as it becomes available. You can still visit us to chat, look at the old stuff we have compiled, look at pictures, etc. You can still submit in entries for any of the sections that have a submission form. If you have ideas on what we can do to keep the site going, please email us or use the form below. Thanks for sticking by us through the years and keeping us at number 1 for three years running. And we are certain that O-Town appreciates your support as well. Let's show them that we will never give up on them and help us keep this site alive!! THANKS SO MUCH! (Look out in the future for comments by the fans as well as the O-TFP staff.)

November 8th, 2003
12:45am CST
I added like 4 pics from the NBA celebrity game that Trevor and Dan played in you can check those out here and here I also added the three pics of Ashley that were on Inside O-Town so you can check those out here if you haven't seen them already. I updated the news section and there are a ton of new Ashley pics at Inside O-Town so you might want to head over there if you wanna see Ashley hanging out with his cats and his girl in they're L.A. home. He also made a video message that you all might appreciate. Well I think that's about it...have a great day ya'll.

November 1st, 2003
11:15am CST
Happy 1st of November! Trevz birthday is just around the corner. I updated the news section thanks to Inside O-Town.

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