Trevor Quiz

1. What item of Trevor's did his mother sell on ebay?

a. his hair
b. his Feivel doll
c. his clothes
d. his high school yearbook
e. his autograph of Lionel Ritchie

2. What movie had parts set in the same city that Trevor is from?

a. Next Friday
b. Friday
c. Rush Hour
d. Nutty Professor
e. Not Another Teen Movie

3. What has done passed you by?

a. The Trevor bus
b. The Treva Train
c. Trevor's Yellow Submarine
d. The Treva plane
e. Trevor's yellow pinto

4. He has a phobia of what?

a. crazy fans
b. cats
c. rats
d. spiders
e. Lou Pearlman

5. What exactly does the number 269 mean in his life?

a. His fraternity number
b. His favorite numbers combined
c. His home address
d. His area code
e. His bowling average

6. Which pro wrestler does Trevor admire most?

a. Stone Cold
b. Triple H
c. The Rock
d. Road Dogg
e. Hulk Hogan

7. What is his dog's name?

a. Lucy
b. Ricky
c. Legen
d. Dary
e. Trevor

8. What movie had parts of it filmed at his high school?

a. Varsity Blues
b. She's All That
c. American Pie 1
d. Scary Movie 1
e. Bring It On

9. What was Trevor's nickname in his fraternity?

a. Mr. Trash
b. PMS
c. Freak McNasty
d. Big Dogg
e. Midol

10. Trevor sleeps...

a. with a teddy bear
b. naked
c. shirtless; pajama pants
d. with a nightlight
e. only 4 hours a night