Ashley Quiz

1. What is Ashley's middle name?

a. Parker
b. Angel
c. Ward
d. Hair gel
e. Ashley

2. What shirt do you see him wearing the most on Making the Band?

a. Superman shirt
b. Backstreet boys T-shirt
c. I love NY T-Shirt
d. Black shirt with "Who Let the Dogs Out" written on it
e. Gray shirt with a cross on it

3. What does Ashley tend to do when he sings his high notes?

a. hold the mic with 2 hands
b. kneel
c. makes the audience sing it instead
d. crinkle his nose
e. grab his crotch

4. What historic event does Ashley share his birthday with?

a. The day hair gel was invented
b. The birth of MTV
c. The day that McDonald's started selling Big Macs
d. The birth of Microsoft
e. When the R&B group New Edition was formed

5. Fill in this missing information to this quote from Ashley: "When I was little I was scared of ______________ but I always watched it!"

a. the Thriller video
b. Friday the 13th movies
c. clowns in the circus
d. A Nightmare on Elm St. movies
e. Sesame Street characters

6. What food is he not supposed to have but sometimes sneaks in closets to eat?

a. Kit Kats
b. corn dogs
c. tofu
d. hamburgers
e. chili cheese fries

7. In what city did Ashley have his MTB audition?

a. Chicago
b. Los Angeles
c. Orlando
d. Honolulu
e. Las Vegas

8. What academic team was Ashley on in high school?

a. Science Team
b. History Team
c. Computer Team
d. Math Team
e. Debate Team

9. What was the character name of Ashley when he did the voice over for a Playstaion game?

a. Adam
b. Alex
c. Aaron
d. Albert
e. Allen

10. What kind of briefs does Ashley like to wear?

a. Whatever is clean
b. Guess?
c. One's with his name sewed on them
d. Calvin Klein
e. ones with no holes in them