Do you like O-Town? I mean do you really like O-Town? Okay, check off how many of these obsessive descriptions fit you and see how obsessed you really are. (Some of these may not have been things you have actually done but can see yourself doing it if you had the opportunity.)If you have an obsession not on the list submit it using the form below. Please read them all if you submit one so that there are no duplicates.

You know you're obsessed with O-Town when...

You cried for hours because someone had taped over your VHS with loads of o-town stuff on it.
Months before a concert you wear a helmet and knee pads everywere you go, take vitamins, get plenty of rest etc, to make sure you don't get sick or hurt rite before the concert.
Whenever someone you know goes to Flordia, California, Ohio, New York, or some other place O-Town has been, you ask them to bring you back a rock or stick or somthin, cuz one of the members could have touched it.
You rent or buy "Happy Gilmore" (are you too good for your home---Erik), Dumb and Dumber(you can't love comedy unless you love this movie---Ashley), and Austin Powers the Spy who Shagged Me (yeah, baby!!!---Ashley) just because O-Town has them.
You memorize all their facts and bio
You talk to your O-Town posters
You've drawn pics of your fave member so many times that you could draw him in your sleep
You got upset when you found out Dan the Man was engaged
You know your obsessed when you pick up Dan's lisp.
Try to get all your friends to love o-town almost as much as you do but not quite so you can talk about them with somebody

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you've noticed in the "All or Nothing" video that Ashley has a bandaid on his right thumb
you go around singing that Italian song Jake sang on that MTB/TRL special
you cried when Jacob got married
you stay up all night afraid that you'll dream of someone else
your parents have to ground you from O-Town
you cherish something signed by someone who met the band
you've almost gotten kicked out of school for skipping to see some O-Town related event
you have shortcuts to all your favorite O-Town pages
you have both the DVD and VHS versions of the same O-Town shows
you look for the guys' old high school friends so you can try to get in contact with them
you are convinced that the posters on the wall are actually staring at you
you brush your teeth to the tune of one of their songs
you look at new pics of the guys and notice the slightest changes like a new freckle, etc.
on your friend's phone you're saved as some O-Town related nickname
you've choreographed your own dance routines to all of their songs
you have trouble breathing when you see them
you steal clothes from your friends and family because it's the same as what the guys wear.
you've met them and told Jacob that you've moved on to Dan (or another member) because of Janie
you share a computer with your whole family and they get upset with you because you used up all the space for O-Town stuff you downloaded
you tell your parents you are doing homework or research for school online but what you are really doing is going on O-Town websites and clubs
You noticed that in the movie Spider Man when Spider Man comes home to his aunt and uncles house after the field trip, he is wearing the same shirt as Jacob is wearing on the 2nd O-Town poster that was made. (Blue long sleeve colar with red and silver stripes)
you cut school or take off of work when they are on TV because you don't trust anyone else to tape it for you
for Halloween, you dressed up like an angel as in ASHLEY Angel
when you go to a record store or a store with a CD section, you take all the O-Town CD's and put them in the front of each row so only their CD shows
You buy Jerry Rice's jersey because Erik wore it in their DVD.
Your friends call you when they hear the song on the radio just to make sure you are listening!
When listening to your O-Town CD in the car, you quiz all of your passengers on which guy is singing at that moment. If they get it wrong, you get mad at them!
you request their songs on the radio..even to stations that don't play that kind of music!
you knew all the lyrics to the O2 CD weeks before it came out because you downloaded the songs off of the internet.
your little brother or sister can't read and barely knows their ABC's yet they know of the O-Town lyrics because you give them a daily lesson
your room has been redecorated to look like your faves room based on what you saw on MTV cribs. You had it painted the same colors, put up similar artwork, and even bought the same style bedding and window treatments.
your away messages on AIM/AOL are always quotes from O-Town or their song lyrics
you call into your favorite radio station to get thier song(s) on the nitely countdowns but you disguise your voice each time so they don't know it's the same obsessed fan everytime
when you met O-Town you actually asked one of the guys to marry you!
you make iron on shirts and pillowcases with their pictures on them
you beg your parents to sign you up for piano and/or guitar lessons just because some of the members play those instruments
you memorize every line from every TV appearance they have made since you watch your tapes day in and day out
you rent the movies they guys label as their favorites
you voted for the guy who was on American Idol only because he sang "All or Nothing". He wasn't your pick to win but you had to give him his props for choosing that awesome song!
you know your obsessed when you realize that Ashley isn't parking on the wrong side of the street in the all or nothing video, ITS A ONE WAY STREET!!!
when you are in a sticky situation, you ask yourself, "What would O-Town do?"
you go online and pretend to be someone they are dating
you have a piggy bank called "The O-Town Fund" which can only be used for O-Town merchandise and plus you have to save for those concert tickets for when they tour next!
you try to get into the music they like and get the CD's of the artists they say they like just so that you can be nmore like them everyday
You go out and by Sumo Suits, A dunking Tank, Jumpsuits, a mat, and you make homemade slime... and re-inact the whole O-town sumo thing from the Nick Concert special! INCLUDING those orange pants of Dan's!!
you write for your school newspaper but all the news your report is O-Town related
you try to make yourself look like the girls they decribe as the ones they are attracted to
you get married to them on the internet via those virtual weddings.
you keep count of how many times you have heard an O-Town song on the radio and a count of how many times you have watched the DVD/VHS
you stand up to the biggest bully in school after they make fun of you for liking them
you threatened the clerk at the box office when you went to buy concert waited in line all day and when it's your turn to buy, they post a SOLD OUT sign in the window.
you rearrange the posters on your bedroom wall at least once a day
you bought a cart full of Frosted Cherrios when O-town was featured on the box and after you ate all that cereal, you made an art piece out of the boxes!
you use O-Town magazine posters as book covers
in your high school hall of fame, your friends vote you as most obsessed fan of any star
you are more interested in O-Town's lives than your own and your friends'
you find out what their favorite foods are and change your diet to match theirs! (Lots of cereal!)
you carry a camera on you at all times (always in the glove compartment if you dirve!) just in case you run into O-Town on the street. That way, you can get pics to prove it!
you check out the trade and sell page on this site every day just to see if there is any new footage for sale that you don't already have because you want to be the first one to get it
you have a mini celebration on the day of every major O-Town event in when their first CD came out, when MTB first aired, when they made it to #1 on TRL for the first time, etc...
you get all excited when you hear All Or Nothing at a weeding or other major party and get up and dance even if it is by yourself or with someone of the same sex
you laminate your O-Town pics and posters to preserve them
being obsessed with them isn't even start to like their siblings!
you know u have no life outside of O-Town so you realize the girl sitting with Trevor in the 'all or nothing' video is the same girl (model) that Kevin from 'the real world 10' dated just before they left the house.
you order yur eggs "Over Easy" (O-Town song) at a restaurant even though you don't like it that way but the song reminds you of eggs
you and your cousins perform to O-town songs at every family function and serve as the entertainment
your nickname in your year book reads "(your fave member's name)...future wife"
you changed your hair style to match your favorite members' hair! Yes...even Erik's!
you are STILL making Making the Band petitions to get them to keep filming the guys
You go up to every girl named Ashley and make fun of them for having a boy name!
you shop at thrift stores hoping to find clothes similar to O-town's.
You look for a post office belt every time you go shopping (like Jacob's!)
You and your friend have put grapes in your upper lips and reenacted the whole "Pa, why do the kids at school make fun of me Pa?" thing. You do it everytime you and your friends get together...kinda like a tradition!
when your friends walk into your room they ask you where you got the O-Town wallpaper
you bought all the CD's Dan showed from his collection when they were on MTV Cribs
You stay up until 4:30 in the morning reenacting Making the Band episodes using shadow puppets. You even roll up tissues so it looks like "Jacob" has dreads
you sleep with the picture you took with your fave member under your pillow
You spent hundreds of dollars on tickets for the Birtney Spears show just beause O-Town was there and you don't even like Britney!
you camped outside of Bryant Park in New York just to see them perform on Good Morning America
you gather up 4 friends on Halloween and dress up as O-Town!
you like LMNT just because they know O-Town
you can't speak english very well but you can pronounce all the words to their songs perfectly and sing your heart out!
you ask your mother if you can legally change your name to Ashley
you have a subscription to every magazine that would feature O-Town so that you would never miss an issue
you know their dance routines so well, you do it better than they do
you made a song and dance for them and hope to perform it for them one day
you request the DJ to play "All or Nothing" at every wedding or other formal you attend. If they don't have it, not to brought a copy!
you see O-Town on TV unexpectedly and grabbed the first tape you saw to record it and it was your high school graduation but you didn't care!
you make arrangements with the manager at your local bookstore to call you when a new magazine with O-Town comes in
you bought a monkey because Jacob likes them
you tried out for cheerleading because you know Trevor likes cheerleaders
you and 4 friends dressed up as O-Town on Halloween
You buy an entire magazine even if they have the tinyest picture in it, you buy it just becuase it had O-Town in it
You watch them so much you start to pick up their accents, and talk like them
you wrote a letter to Bumin/Murray to tell them to cancel Making the Band Part 2 because it is a rip off of MTB 1
you missed an important school function just cuz they were on TV
you made a home video talking about how obsesssed you are with them and you sent it to every talk show on TV hoping they will choose you to come on there and meet them
You go out and buy the book Illusions, by Richard Bach, just because it's Ashleys favorite
you drive out of the state to see them, make a list of goals reading "get invited onto the bus" etc. and refuse to return home until you have accomplished all of the goals on your list
you incorporate the group or certain members in everything you do in school such as story writing or in music class
You take 6 rolls of pictures at one of their concerts
you live in a foreign country yet you vote for them everyday on TRL just so they make it number one
You skip your final exams to see them on TV or to stand in line outside TicketMaster to buy tickets
you rewind the a part of a song over and over just to hear your fave members voice
you arrive at the concert venue they will perform at 12 hours before the show hoping too see their buses come in
They are you imaginary friends, and go with you everywhere
you kiss your pillow goodnight and pretend it is an O-Town member
you go see Dr. Dolittle 2, even though you think it looks stupid so you can hear O-Town's new song and see where they play it in the movie.
you are upset that it is not humanly possible to have all the O-Town memorabilia that has ever been made.
you noticed that in the "All or Nothing" video, Ashley parks on the wrong side of the road and doesn't pay the parking meter
you vote multiple times in the polls to make sure your vote tops the rest
you have boycotted watching ABC since MTB is no longer on it
you buy the sheet music for "All or Nothing", and practice it every day on the piano until it sounds perfect
you bought the O-town CD again because they added "We Fit Together" to it
someone would pay you to get you to stop talking about O-town
you begged to have your locker switched to #269
in case of a fire the first thing you'd grab is your O-Town memorabilia
your answering machine's out message is you pathetically singing a parody of the "All or Nothing" chorus: "Cuz I'm not at home, I can't reach the phone, listen for the tone, & leave a message"...oddly, you never receive any messages
you request O-Town songs at your school dances
you sell your cat because Ashley's allergic to cats.
your will reads: "At my funeral, please play Sexiest Woman Alive and Take Me Under ...and please bury me with all my O-Town memorabilia."
you write their names all over the bathroom mirror after you take a shower.
you buy 2 copies of the same exact magazine because they put O-Town pics on back to back pages.
you type in "www.o" in the IE browser address line and hundreds of O-Town sites appear below it
you're making plans to get a liscense plate that says "OTOWN" even though you can't drive yet
you beat someone up for talking trash about O-Town.
your parents threaten to take you to a psychiatrist because of your "O-Town problem"
you carry a camera with you at all times in case you run into them
you want to become a choreogpraher in case you might get to work with O-Town
you buy them Christmas presents
you sing to their pictures on their birthdays
you stayed in the hotel room during a vacation to watch "Making the Band"
you argue with yourself over them
you are allergic to smoke and too young to go to clubs but go to them anyway hoping to find Erik
your pager beeps to one of their songs
you tape the "Making The Band" commercials
you start watching their favorite shows just because they like them
your parents threaten to ground you from O-Town
you put up flyers all over your town promoting them
you include them in your prayers
you bought a video camera just to make your own "Making the Band" videos
you have more than one copy of their cd, one for home, one for the car, etc.
you keep a schedule right by your tv of their appearances
you can't see the paint on your walls because it is plastered with posters of O-Town
you spend day and night entering O-Town contests
you start giving you family and friends quizzes of O-Town just to make sure that they are keeping track of it all too
you put a picture of them on your ceiling so so can look at them right before you go to bed
you get mad at yourself when you screw up on the lyrics while your singing
you broke up with your boyfriend because you developed a serious crush on one of them
you spend all day here adding to the obsessions list to PROVE your obsessed with O-Town
you make a life sized cardboard cutout of one of them
you buy red MAC lipstick even though you look terrible in it
you buy AA batteries just because they are Ashley's initials
you plan to have 5 boys when you're older and name them Ashley, Erik, Trevor, Jacob, and Dan
you are on a million O-Town newsletter lists
you read all the fan fiction stories
you go to every website that has any mention of O-Town on it and put it in your favorites
you email them everyday, hoping they will write back
you made your own band that sounds like otown (b-town, c-otown, etc.)
you replace your last name with one of theirs
you run up to every group of 5 people you see, thinking they're O-Town
you're positive that they sing about you in "Liquid Dreams"
you noticed Trevor and Ashley on the Diary of Frankie Muniz even though they were only on the screen for 2 seconds.
you have your own O-Town fan club
you run around your house singing the flower shirt song
you have an O-Town website as your home page
you frame their pictures
you wear out your CD or CD player
you made bookcovers that are collages of them
you buy multiple copies of "Liquid Dreams" to get all five trading cards
you vote for their music video everyday on TRL
you study the answers to the Matchmaker quiz till you match up with your favorite member
you'd move to a relative's home whom you've never met just so you could enter an O-Town contest available in US only
you would "walk through fire just to be with" them - "Baby I Would"
you buy the same nail polish as Jacob
you buy their cologne
you believe all the posers you meet in chat rooms
you try to get your friends hooked to "Making the Band"
you listen to the radio all day long so you won't miss their song
you quote them
you name your stuffed animals after them
you've become an ebay addict because of them
you send your friends O-Town birthday cards
you beg your boyfriend to be more like them
you try to be friends with people who have the same names as them
you go to sleep with their music playing
you've been inspired to start your own band
you write tons of O-Town fan fiction with you as the main character
you don't wash yourself for days because you touched them
your computer is slow because of all the O-Town pictures and mp3's you've saved
you go on every search engine to find news and O-Town sites
you make the subject of all your school projects O-Town
you played Lunar: the Silver Star Story for Playstation just because Ashley does a voice for one of the characters
you put one of their songs on your voice mail
you are at the O-Town chats hours before they begin
used up all your printer ink printing pics of them
you make your own O-Town apparel
you read Gone With The Wind just because Ashley's mom named him after one of the characters in it
you make the word "OTOWN" when you eat alphabet soup
you stalk them after their concerts
you're broke because you've spent so much money on them
you buy anything and everything O-Town related
you start calling your family members Ashley, Jacob, Erik, Trevor, or Dan
you'd eat their favortie cereal even if you don't like it
you know more about them than they do
people around you know the tunes to all of their songs because you sing them all the time
you scream and cry when one of them kisses their girlfriend
you rehearse what you're going to say if you meet them
you post their appearance dates everywhere so you don't forget them
you have a tattoo of them
you're jealous of the girls in their music videos
you made a web site dedicated to them
you count down the days to their birthdays
your desktop has an O-Town theme
you taped an awards ceremony because O-Town was in the crowd
the people at your local radio station know you personally because you request their songs all the time
you tape over your parents' wedding video to tape "Making the Band"
you use the same hair care products as them
you've called information trying to get their phone numbers
you drive by a group member's house just to see if he's there
you use one of the guys' names or O-Town in your e-mail address or screen name
you call in sick Friday nights so you can watch "Making the Band"
you knew all the words to their songs even before their CD was released
you threw a party for one of the guys' birthday by yourself
you name your pet after them
you carry pics of them in your wallet
you slept outside where they sold tickets to their concert the night before
you can recite every show of "Making the Band" verbatim
you know all the dance steps to one of their songs
you go on this site daily
you are convinced that one of the guys is your boyfriend
you are convinced that one of the guys is your husband
the people at school refer to you as the "O-Town person"
you write fan mail letters to then every week
you're listening to them right now
you've memorized their cool facts and quotes
people around you start to get annoyed because you talk about them too much
you listen to their music religiously
you NEVER believe anything about them that you don't like, whether it's true or not.
you're in school on Monday and you can't wait till Friday night to watch "Making the Band"!
you downloaded every song they have ever sang...even the songs playing in the background during an episode of "Making the Band"
you have tons of pinups and pictures in your locker and your room
you dream about them at night
you waited outside of a store the day their CD came out
you don't like Pokemon but you bought the CD anyways
you bought something you totally didn't want from just to get the "All for Love" single
you buy every magazine with them in it
you've started a scrap book for them
you are always on this O-Town site
you are always singing their songs
you have every episode of "Making the Band" on tape
you read all of these to make sure you're obsessed

You're kidding me! Your obsession isn't on that list?! Alright, then go ahead and submit it.

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