Gayle Miller the Aunt of O-Town's own Dan Miller tells The OTFP Team the inside on Dan the Man himself and the family!

1.) What does Dan do when he is able to come home for a few days? Does he relax at home, call up and hang out with his childhood friends, cook?
Because Dan is sooo busy when he is on the road, he takes his time at home to relax. Even before O-Town Dan loved hangin on the couch with a controller in his hand playing video games and takin it easy. Dan is pretty layed back and knows how to relax! Dan also has tons of High School friends that come to visit when he's home. It is usually the same friends each time. They like to hang out in the basement playing pool. Trevor has also been known to heat up the pool table when he comes to visit the Millers!

2.) Does Dan have any weird talents?
Weird talents? Can't think of any. I know he "beat boxes" but I am not even quite sure what that is! Making the sounds of musical instruments with your voice......I think! Don't quote me on that one!!!!

3.) What kind of kid was Dan growing up? Was he shy, outgoing, etc?
Dan was the oldest of the Miller grandchildren so he was idolized. There were five boys and one girl. Whatever "Danny" did, the others followed. We all vacationed often at the Jersey Shore where Dan's grandparents had a house on the bay. For hours they would all jump into the water or go down the slide doing very goofy stunts. Dan wasn't shy! Dan was also a member of his school's Show Choir. He was fortunate enough to travel to competitions throughout the US. They always came home with First Place. Dan sang (of course!), danced and even choreographed some numbers for the Show Choir. This is where he met alot of his closest friends.

4.) Does Dan keep in touch with any of the other MTB finalists?
Not too sure. I do know he sees the guys from LMNT quite often......they keep in touch.

5.) Is it weird knowing your nephew is famous? How has it affected the Miller family?
"Weird" is not the word I use to describe how it feels with Dan being in O - Town. I use the word "surreal" all the time. It just doesn't seem real. I know that's him I see on TV or hear on the radio.....or see in concert......but it STILL hasn't sunk in. I know I could be driving in my car and when All or Nothing comes on the radio, I still cry. I cry because he sings so beautifully........and because I know how very hard he worked to get where he is. I cry because I am just SO happy that he is following his dream. Lots of kids dream, but not many live their dreams. I cry because the whole world gets to hear that voice and appreciate it! I cry because he has become a part of a group of guys that are each special and all watch out for each other. How has it affected the Miller family? It definitely has brought us closer together. We all cry together! The greatest thing to happen was that the Miller's got to meet Angela's side of the family for the first time! We quickly bonded and have become quite close. What a great thing! We are sometimes overwhelming when we are at O-Town shows.....our numbers keep growing.....but the experience has been grand. It keeps us all young.

6.) Which member do you think Dan is closest to?
Dan and Trevor are like "two peas in a pod!" They get along so good. They are both family oriented, humble and funny. They both have a great sense of humor. They both are also serious when they need to be.....taking nothing for granted.

7.) How many songs did Dan get on the new album?
Last time we spoke to Dan he didn't even know!

8.) How often has he been seeing his family?
Dan heads home whenever he gets some days off. His family has a pool so he loves to just relax in the summer months. He was able to surprise his parents a few months ago. He schemed with Adam to pick him up at the airport. His mom and dad were shocked and so happy that he surprised them.

9.) Any cool/outragous stories?

10.) Is Dan or any other O-Town members involved in any charities?
I have no idea.

11.) In what way has Dan changed since he became a singing sensation?
Not really much at all, except maybe he's become a bit more serious. He has alot going on all the time and he is a very responsible person, so his mind is working 24/7.

12.) Was there a special moment when you first realized Dan had a talent for singing and that he could be famous one day?
Yes. That would have to be when I was sitting in the audience of one of his Show Choir competitions. Rules are you must remain silent in the audience. There is no cheering. They are very strict. Imagine sitting in an audience while Dan sings and having the room be quiet and still. Hard to imagine,right? Well, watching him up on the stage always gave me the chills. That voice. The way he danced and most of all "that show choir face". Dan has a way of playing up to the camera, tilting his head in a certain way and grining at the camera.......When he would first perform with O Town I didn't see it, but as he got more relaxed on stage, it re-appeared! Now I know he's in his element!

13.) When you first saw Dan and the rest of the guys of O-Town on tv what was your reaction like?
Seeing the band on TV made me think "Whoa, how many families get to turn on the TV and see a relative ?" I knew how blessed we were.

14.) When Dan comes home during breaks, is he still expected to do the same chores he had before he became famous?
Good one! Chores? Dan? Maybe cook an omelet or two, but chores? Miller men all have a way of evading chores :O)

15.) Did Dan collect anything as a child like baseball cards or things like that?
Dan and all the Millers are BIG NY Giants fans. Every Miller has a "Giant's shrine" in their home! They all sport Giant's jackets, sweatshirts, hats, scarves, ear muffs, seat cushions........and some even have Giant's mailboxes! Sometimes holiday celebrations are scheduled around the Giant's schedule! But overall Dan does collect various hats.

16.) Does Dan have a hero/somebody he looks up to?
Hero? You all know by now he looks up to Michael Jackson. He also looks up to Michael Jordan. Jim Carrey is a favorite. Oh, and his dad!

17.) What nationalities is Dan?
Dan is German, Swiss and French on his Dad's side and Italian and Ukranian on his Mom's side.

18.) What was Dan's first car?
First Car?? A Nissan one remembers the year!

19.) Did you ever go to an O-Town concert and what did you think? Is it weird having all those girls screaming at someone you're close to? And did the fan's know who you were?
Did I ever go to an O Town Concert??????? Oh YEAH! MANY* MANY* MANY!......whenever possible! With regards to the screaming girls.......I don't find it "weird" because he's so adorable :O). I usually cry at the beginning of each show before O - Town takes the stage. I look behind me and to the sides of me and I can't believe what I see. I think to myself "1,000's of fans here to see these guys....." How cool is this! The screaming overwhelms me! Sometimes I think it would be nice if the crowd wasn't screaming so I could hear O-Town better! But, hey, no complaints!
At each concert we attend, the more fans recognize us. I say "us" because my two sons, Chris (20) and John (17) always get recognized! I suppose they are of more interest to the crowd of girls than me and my husband!!!

20.) What do you think Dan would be doing now if he wasn't in O-Town?
Dan would have graduated from the Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music - with honors I am sure! He was studying Electronic Media. I am sure he would've pursued that career and at some point he would end up writing music. Music is in his soul.

***The O-Town Fan Page and the supporters of this site would like to thank Gayle Miller and the Miller family for everything they have done and for their continued support, we all appreciate it so much! You guys are angels from above, no doubt!***