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UPDATES AT THE BOTTOM! This site is designed for trading and selling my O-Town merchandise, as well as those solo and group projects put forth by former members of the band. If you see an item you are interested in trading for or buying, please email me at I will trade for any home footage of O-Town from their final tour, or any TV appearances that I don't have. Please check below for the list of things that I really want. I'm also interested in things that aren't listed!

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footage @ Performances featuring songs from 'O2'
Rikki Lake Appearance #1 (Jan. 23rd 2001)
footage @ Summer Concert: Philly on Sept. 19th 2001
Channel One Appearance
footage @ Granite Run Mall (from summer 2000)

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I have the complete first, second, and third seasons of Making the Band, that is every episode that ever aired. The first season is 22 episodes, eight hours long, no commercials. The second season is 13 episodes, five hours long, no commercials. The third season is 10 episodes, three and a half hours long, with no commercials. Season one comes on one eight hour tape, season two and season three each come on one VHS tape. All are availible for sale or trade. I also sell/trade individual episodes! Email me if you are interested in purchasing one, two, or all three seasons!

This list has taken me almost five years to compile. They all lie on 18 different master tapes that I have, which are originals. Please contact me if you are interested and enjoy!

I will have all episodes of Ashley Parker Angel's new show, "There and Back" available as well. Please inquire if interested by emailing me at

European TV Appearances

(not all good quality, not all in English)

Love Should Be A Crime- cdUK performance
Day in the Life (Spotlight)
The O-Town Olympics
Love Should Be a Crime Music Video #1 (on set)
Love Should Be a Crime performance #2
Love Should Be a Crime Music Video #2 (home videos)
Performance of Liquid Dreams
@ Interview (in German) at Startrago (includes AON performance)
All or Nothing Performed on concert stage (short version)
Dan and Trevor in Car singing wildly
MTV Select Interview
Live Popxomm: WDR- performances of Liquid Dreams and All or Nothing
Newsclip: Aktull Special
Newsclip: Taff Special
Top of the Pops Clip- Jake sings in Italian
Top of the Pops; RTL performs All or Nothing
MTV Boy-Band Special
Presenters to Westlife at Award Show
Bravo TV: Stage Report
Newsclip: RTL Punktt 12
Top News: RTL- interview and clips
Taff- day in the life of O-Town (photoshoot, home videos, shoestore)
Andreas Turck (talk show)
RTL: We Fit Together on stage (no sound)
German channel: visit school: interview, performances
Airport/concert clips
BravoTV (German show) - Visit German show - clips / Q&A
German channel- WFT, LSBAC performances, Q&A w/ fans
German MTV - Clips
BravoTV - Tour clips (home video)
German MTV - Interview
RTL (Ashley co-host): LSBAC performance
Echo 2002 (award show) - ?WFT? acapella / present award
RTL - LSBAC performance
Graceland Show- Q&A/?WFT? a capella
TV Concert - ?WFT? / ?LSBaC? / ?AoN?
German talk show - fan gets gift (no O-Town appearance)
Inside Show- Q&A backstage
Bravo Super Show
T4 Interview
Live and Kicking
Gute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten 3.7.02
Echo Verleihung 3.7.02
Pop of the Dome 3.8.02
The Dome MTV2 3.9.02
VIVA Comet 8.17.01
RTL News 8.18.01
TAFF 8.18.01
VIVA Inside 8.18.01
TOTPs News
MTV Report: ?ber boybands
Bravo TV Stage Report
Inter Aktiv 8.17.01
Inter Aktiv Spezial aus Californien 8.17.01
SAT 1 Popkomm Gala 8.16.01
VIVA Comet ZDF 8.16.01
RTL Aktuell
WDR live from Popkomm
RTL2 News vom Ringfest
MTV Select
Trouble UK (Making the Band Special)
T4 Sunday O-Town
MTV select UK
The Breaker
T4 News
Trouble Interview
The Dome RTL2
TOTPs (Love Should be a Crime)
VIVA Spezial in School
Bravo Super Show RTL
The Dome 23 RTL
CD:UK spotlight
CD:UK ?Love Should be a Crime?
CD:UK ?Liquid Dreams?

TV Appearances

Ashley and Trevor on channel 10 News
Report on E!
Entertainment Tonight #2
Regis and KathieLee #1
Regis and KathieLee #2
Sizzlin? Summer Weekend #1
Sizzlin? Summer Weekend #2
Sizzlin? Summer Weekend #3
TRL #1 (8.26.00)
Road Rules
Extra - live performance (taped)
Miss America Pageant
VH1 Sex Sells Men- interview w/ Lou
Radio Music Awards 11.4.00
Bryan Chan on Politically Incorrect
All My Children
Jackie Salvucci on Rosie
Ikaika Kahoano on Rosie
Liquid Dreams Video
Dick Clark?s Rockin? Eve Party
Channel 9 News Orlando
American Music Awards 1.8.01
Good Morning America #1
Slime Time Live #1
TRL #2 (11.30.00) Liquid Dreams Video
TRL News: "Liquid Dreams" Debut At #1 on Charts
Frost Family Frost Fest
The View #1 (1.23.01)
TRL #3 (1.23.01) Hosting
Daytona 500
Maury Povich #1 (Baby I Would)
YTV Hitlist #1
YTV Hitlist #2
Live @ Much Music #1
City TV Interview
Global TV Interview
CTV Interview
Bynon Interview with Dan and Ashley
Electric Circus
Entertainment Tonight #3
All or Nothing Video
TRL @ your house
TRL #4 (3.16.01)Hosting
Good Morning America #2 (4.13.01)
Mad TV
Regis and Kelly #1 (Baby I Would)
Commercial for Debut Album
CNN World Beat
NBA All-Star Team-up
Extra: Hotlist
Kathy's So Called Reality
Making The Band - Season 1 Commcerical
Making The Band - Season 2 Commcerical
TRL: Ashley on Phone (4.23.01)
TRL: News Clips
The Lofters
Valentine's Day Hitlist
Regis and Kelly #2 (All or Nothing)
Channel 19 news with Dan
Hot Zone
Celebrity Undercover
Slime Time Live #2 (All or Nothing)
VH1 All Access
Special on NKOTB
E Celebrity homes
Michelle Kwan Princess on Ice
The New Music
Good Day Orlando
Vista LA
TV Guide Channel
E Entertainment 1/7/01
Everybody talk about pop music
Arthur Ashe Kids Day 2001
Hit Clip Commercial
Channel 19 News
Channel 43 News
San Francisco News
Maury Povitch #2 (All or Nothing)
Montel Williams
Regis and Kelly #3 (We Fit Together, All or Nothing)
TRL #5 -WFT Video Premiere
We Fit Together Video
Much Music #2
Video Music Awards 2001
Slime Time Live #3 (All or Nothing)
Ed McMahon's Star Search
Channel 6 News (NOT FOR SALE)
TRL News clip- UWS Benefit Concert
Radio Music Awards 2001 (All or Nothing)
Say What Kareoke
Who Knows the band
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (includes LMNT)
Good Morning America #3 (We Fit Together)
Inside O-Town: A MTB Special
Nick takes over Your school
Bangin the Charts
TRL news clip (Jacob talking about America)
HBO - the buzz
TRL #6- We Fit Together Performance
Jenny Jones Show
O-Town's MTV Video Countdown
MTV New Year's Eve Special
Ananda Lewis Show
Best of Becomings
American Music Awards 2002
MTV Cribs
Appearance in the movie LONGSHOT!
How to Live Like a Popstar
Singing Happy Birthday to MTV
Pop-Up Video: Liquid Dreams
TRL: Retired WTF Video
Becoming O-Town
World Music Awards 2002
LMNT on Slime Time Live
Good Morning America #4 (From the Damage, All or Nothing)
TeeNick Concert Special
Regis and Kelly #4
TRL #7 and video premiere
Caroline Rhea Show
Wayne Brady Show
Good Morning America #5 (TATD and Craving!)
Maury Povich #3
Chicago's Fox News 11-05-02
These are the Days Video (complete!)
The Keith King Show
Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve 2003
Rose Bowl Parade>
Red Carpet Interview- AMAs 2002
Entertainment Tonight- These are the Days
VH1 Special: Pets Unleashed (featuring Abby!)
All That
Slime Time Live #4
Ricki Lake Appearance #2>
Regis and Kelly #5 (I Showed Her, All or Nothing)
Trevor at Bob Hope Classic Golf Tournament
Ashley Parker Angel on TRL 1.9.06 BRAND NEW!

Home Video Footage

footage @ planet hollywood San Diego #1
footage @ planet hollywood San Diego Meet and Greet
footage @ volcano grill
footage @ planet hollywood Orlando #1 8.27.00
footage @ planet hollywood Orlando #2 8.27.00
footage @ planet hollywood Orlando Meet and Greet #1 8.27.00
footage @ YM Tour Menlo Park Mall NJ
footage @ YM Tour Sterns Mall Manhattan
footage @ NYPD Pizza
footage @ Hard Rock Cafe Final 8 w/ Lou
footage @ 93.3 Radio - San Diego
footage @ Planet Hollywood - San Diego #2
footage @ Planet Hollywood Erik + Jackie
footage @ Walmart Signing - Orlando Meet and Greet
footage @ Planet Hollywood CD Premiere Party PERSONAL FOOTAGE (NOT FOR SALE!)
footage @ Making the Fan Contest
footage @ Jingle Ball 2000
footage @ Walmart February 2001 Meet and Greet
footage @ Spring Concert 2001 Philadelphia PERSONAL FOOTAGE (NOT FOR SALE!)
footage @ Spring Concert 2001 Denver
footage @ tour bus, Dan and Trevor after concert
footage @ Autograph signing March 2001 Meet and Greet
footage @ CD cover shoot + interviews
footage @ rehersal studio, acapella, talking to camera
footage @ Spring Concert 2001 Valdosta, GA
footage @ YM Tour Brea Mall
footage @ Radio Station - San Francisco
footage @ Borders Books Meet and Greet
footage @ Z-100 Style Jams Concert
footage @ Z-100 Style Jams Meet & Greet
footage @ NBA Store Performance
footage @ Philadelphia's Q102 Concert 12 PERSONAL FOOTAGE
footage @ Spring Concert 2001 New Orleans
footage @ Spring Concert 2001 Cape Coral
footage @ IHOP
footage @ Wherehouse Music Meet and Greet
footage @ Summer Concert 2001 Delaware State Fair PERSONAL FOOTAGE
footage @ Backstage at Bethlehem PA Musikfest PERSONAL FOOTAGE (NOT FOR SALE!)
footage @ Summer Concert 2001 Bethlehem PA Musikfest PERSONAL FOOTAGE (NOT FOR SALE!)
footage @ Backstage in North Carolina
footage @ Much Music Studios (Toronto)
footage @ Square One Mall Concert (Toronto)
footage @ Square One Mall Signing (Toronto)
footage @ Spring Concert 2001 Scranton Soundcheck
footage @ Spring Concert 2001 Scranton
footage @ Z100 Zootopia
footage @ YM Tour River Oaks mall
footage @ YM Tour Aventura mall
footage @ Spring Concert 2001 Atlanta
footage @ Meet and Greet Fossils Store, Atlanta
footage @ Soundcheck at Holland Municipal Stadium 5.19.01
footage @ Spring Concert 2001 Holland Municipal Stadium 5.19.01
footage @ Mall of America 2001
footage @ Summer Concert 2001 Midland County, MI
footage @ Summer Concert 2001 South Bend
footage @ Bluejays Game: National Anthems
footage @ Jingle Ball 2001 Philadelphia PERSONAL FOOTAGE (NOT FOR SALE!)
footage @ Solos: Summer Tour, Evergreen WA
footage @ Subway Sandwiches
footage @ Summer Concert 2001 Greek Theater 7.6.01
footage @ JoJo Jam Concert
footage @ hotel, 8-29-01
footage @ Hotel Lobby, Erie PA
footage @ Jacob and Dan NYPD Pizza
footage @ Daytona Walmart Meet and Greet
footage @ Orlando?s 125 Birthday Celebration
footage @ Brandon, FL Walmart Meet and Greet
footage @ Virgin Megastore Meet and Greet #1 12.?.00
footage @ Planet Hollywood Orlando M+G #2 8.27.00
footage @ Virgin Megastore Meet and Greet #2 12.?.00
footage @ outside O-Town's House from season 2 of MTB
footage @ Walmart John Young Parkway M+G 4.28.01
footage @ Jackie Salvucci at Menlo Park Mall
footage @ Good Morning America #2 Rehersals
footage @ Britney Tour 2001 Las Vegas
footage @ O2 Sneak Preview Tour, Trenton, NJ 5.24.02 PERSONAL FOOTAGE (NOT FOR SALE!)
footage @ O2 Sneak Preview Tour, Atlantic City, NJ 5.26.02 PERSONAL FOOTAGE (NOT FOR SALE!)
footage @ Evian B?hne beim Ringfest, Germany 8.17.01
footage @ At the Jolly Media Hotel, Germany 8.17.01>
footage @ Motorway gas station in Germany
footage @ Stuttgart Concert 2001 (w/ solos and American Game) Germany
footage @ arriving at airport in Germany
footage @ BMG party in Germany 8.18.01
footage @ appearance at the Ringfest, Germany
footage @ Radio Concert San Diego, CA 6.14.02
footage @ Radio Concert Pasadena, CA 6.15.02
footage @ O2 Sneak Preview Tour, Rockford, IL 6.12.02
footage @ Charity Basketball game, Twinsburg, OH
footage @ outside Dan Miller's House w/ Erik signing autographs
footage @ Good Morning America #3 singing Silent Night
footage @ O2 Sneak Preview Tour, Poughkeepsie, NY 5.15.02
footage @ LMNT at Trenton, NJ
footage @ Good Morning America #4 Summer Concert Series
footage @ Chicago Listening Party 11.05.02
footage @ Chicago Listening Party Meet and Greet 11.05.02
footage @ Red Hot and Boom, Orlando FL 7.3.02
footage @ Six Flags Great Adventure, New Jersey 4.18.03
footage @ 2003 Tour Bethlehem, PA Musikfest #1 8.4.03 PERSONAL FOOTAGE (NOT FOR SALE)
footage @ 2003 Tour Bethlehem, PA Musikfest #2 8.4.03
footage @ 2003 Tour Fort Myers Florida 5.24.03
footage @ 2003 Tour Rock and Sport Concert 6.?.03
footage @ Meet and Greet Wilmington, DE with Ashley and Bourke
footage @ 2003 Tour Giants Stadium, New Jersey/NY 6.56.03